As Full As Possible List of ENDURANCE INT’L Companies and Brands With Details Beware EIG Hosting!


Have you heard of Endurance International Group before? If not, then it will be a lot of nerves saving book for you.

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Pending recent class actions against Endurance International it’s all over the Internet:…

Sleazin’ Risk Sickness born on Jan. 19th, 1955 and not 1956 is well known by the FBI for wire fraud and is trying to escape justice one more time.

They are criminals because Sleazin’ Risk Sickness is their Executive Adviser
and sent visitors to David Dees’ home
You have all the reasons of the world :
1) based on all the class actions all over the internet;
2) based on Gotham research conclusions;
3) David Dees and my own testimony supporting all of the above
to stay away from Endurance International because criminals are running that corporation

Pending recent class actions against author soil-as-pee born Jan. 19th, 1955 and Hari Ravichandran

Soil-as-pee born on Jan. 19th, 1955 and not 1956 like he alleges online (just one more lie) sent himself or ‘visitors’ to David Dees’ home.
That’s right

I am the ‘quite a detective lady’ mentioned in David Dee’s article above. I am trained as a researcher, I have made an essay of empirical nature to get my masters degree.

Which is Sleazin’ Sickness behind his pen name and youtube account avantgarde1611 in order to escape what is actually happening to Hari Ravichandran because he is well known by Owen Harris, special agent in charge of Charlotte FBI as well as people who are suing Endurance International

I did not know that I was dealing with Sickness when he preyed on me under his pen name. He went to the Jeff Rense program with it in order to give credibility to it as well as to his pity ploy homeless man living in a a spidey van with 3 cats
btw, having myself studied and have personal experience with their Executive Advisor (thank God that I never met him, I would have been dead already) I can affirm without a shadow of a doubt that he is one of the worst criminals in the United States, well he worked with Henri Kissinger so it might tell you just how bad Steve Sydness is but if not, then the fact that he is supporting the Westboro Baptist Church should help you to see how fucked up this mess is

Like David Dees said himself on this book cover: “Karma is a bitch, and especially an angry one when it found out that the scum who writes books as SE is a little more than a washed up Ex CEO and two bit politician with a psychopathic tendency to trap and weasel thousands of dollars from good people who only sought to help him in his bizarre dire need as an homeless author living in his van, getting bit by spiders. It all sounds absurd and it is. This book will never see the light of day, will never be published, and will never hurt innocent people again, because this book is a fake, a phony, and a freaking faced bold lie. This demon that calls himself SE will take the fall he richly deserves, and hiding behind a Christian mask serves to only delay the Satanic entity from being finally exposed as the sick man he really is. Run from this sadist, run as fast as you can.”


Endurance International Group A WEB OF DECEIT


40%-100%+of EIGI’s reported profits are suspect.

2014 Average Revenue per Subscriber (ARPS) actually
declined-13%. EIGI’s 10K claims ARPS grew +11%.

Organic growth overstated~3x. We calculate organic
growth to be~5.6%, not 13.0%-15.0% as EIG claims.

Directi’s revenues per the Indian filings are
30%-67% lower than reported in EIGI’s 10K.

Directi revenue figures within the EIGI 10K do not add up.

EIGI paid 17% of its ’12-’14 EBITDA to a related party tied
to the CEO. The related party seems to be Endurance.

No international revenue disclosures, despite promoting
itself as an ‘international growth’ concern.

An undisclosed subsidiary falsely claimed to the US
Government that the FBI “recommended” them.
EIGI’s BlueHost, JustHost, HostGator and HostMonster
hosted terrorist websites as recently as few weeks ago.

EIGI domains hosted 1,000s of spam/malware-related sites
per spam/malware watchdogs (the hosting world’s Blin

EIGI spends ~1/6th on core infrastructure vs Godaddy.

Customer reviews are consistently poor.

A 15+ year industry executive states EIGI uses a churn
model/definition that is “not industry common practice,
while using industry terminology.”

EIGI is free cash flow negative. Godaddy is FCF positive.

The management team (including the CEO) recently sold
~30% of their stake in EIG
Endurance International Group A WEB OF DECEIT BY GOTHAM CITY RESEARCH LLC{%22context%22%3A%22archive%22%2C%22page%22%3A%22read%22%2C%22action%22%3A%22download_promo%22%2C%22logged_in%22%3Afalse%2C%22platform%22%3A%22web%22

I think Steve Sydness got what is called an HTSD (host traumatic stress disorder) issued many days after his FIRST alleged death (don’t forget the second one in the month of May!)


Take very good note of the date of the update (September 25th, 2014) because he allegedly have died twice so far and this is one of the many proofs that he faked his death behind his pen name.

”CEO Steve Sydness apologized for the transition snafus, which he estimates affected about 200 DellHost customers.  Wonder if he’d consider changing the company name to PureHell”–ipod-dissed.html

I think PureHell would be very much indicated
I’m ”the quite a detective lady” mentioned in David Dees’ article here:

Steve got an host traumatic stress disorder InfoWorld April 26th 2014 Issue 17

Steve got an host traumatic stress disorder

Still CEO Sept 25th, 2014

Steve current address