As Full As Possible List of ENDURANCE INT’L Companies and Brands With Details Beware EIG Hosting!


Have you heard of Endurance International Group before? If not, then it will be a lot of nerves saving book for you.

– You will see the manipulative matter of “best” web hosting promotion through enormous affiliate commissions and fake reviews.
– Also you will get an initial idea of such significant factors in choosing a web host as overselling and overloading.
– Besides, you will get to know about the detrimental monopolistic tendency in web hosting market. It is pretended that there is a competition between web hosting companies, whereas many well-promoted web hosts are the parts of just one big company. This big company has enough funds to promote its web hosts and influence on top web hosting charts and ratings.
– You will encounter the ways to find out really decent web hosting companies that do their work really well.


Pending recent class actions against Endurance International it’s all over the Internet:…

Sleazin’ Risk Sickness born on Jan. 19th, 1955 and not 1956 is well known by the FBI for wire fraud and is trying to escape justice one more time.

They are criminals because Sleazin’ Risk Sickness is their Executive Adviser
and sent visitors to David Dees’ home
You have all the reasons of the world :
1) based on all the class actions all over the internet;
2) based on Gotham research conclusions;
3) David Dees and my own testimony supporting all of the above
to stay away from Endurance International because criminals are running that corporation

Pending recent class actions against author soil-as-pee born Jan. 19th, 1955 and Hari Ravichandran

Soil-as-pee born on Jan. 19th, 1955 and not 1956 like he alleges online (just one more lie) sent himself or ‘visitors’ to David Dees’ home.
That’s right

I am the ‘quite a detective lady’ mentioned in David Dee’s article above. I am trained as a researcher, I have made an essay of empirical nature to get my masters degree.

Which is Sleazin’ Sickness behind his pen name and youtube account avantgarde1611 in order to escape what is actually happening to Hari Ravichandran because he is well known by Owen Harris, special agent in charge of Charlotte FBI as well as people who are suing Endurance International

I did not know that I was dealing with Sickness when he preyed on me under his pen name. He went to the Jeff Rense program with it in order to give credibility to it as well as to his pity ploy homeless man living in a a spidey van with 3 cats
btw, having myself studied and have personal experience with their Executive Advisor (thank God that I never met him, I would have been dead already) I can affirm without a shadow of a doubt that he is one of the worst criminals in the United States, well he worked with Henri Kissinger so it might tell you just how bad Steve Sydness is but if not, then the fact that he is supporting the Westboro Baptist Church should help you to see how fucked up this mess is

Like David Dees said himself on this book cover: “Karma is a bitch, and especially an angry one when it found out that the scum who writes books as SE is a little more than a washed up Ex CEO and two bit politician with a psychopathic tendency to trap and weasel thousands of dollars from good people who only sought to help him in his bizarre dire need as an homeless author living in his van, getting bit by spiders. It all sounds absurd and it is. This book will never see the light of day, will never be published, and will never hurt innocent people again, because this book is a fake, a phony, and a freaking faced bold lie. This demon that calls himself SE will take the fall he richly deserves, and hiding behind a Christian mask serves to only delay the Satanic entity from being finally exposed as the sick man he really is. Run from this sadist, run as fast as you can.”


Endurance International Group A WEB OF DECEIT


40%-100%+of EIGI’s reported profits are suspect.

2014 Average Revenue per Subscriber (ARPS) actually
declined-13%. EIGI’s 10K claims ARPS grew +11%.

Organic growth overstated~3x. We calculate organic
growth to be~5.6%, not 13.0%-15.0% as EIG claims.

Directi’s revenues per the Indian filings are
30%-67% lower than reported in EIGI’s 10K.

Directi revenue figures within the EIGI 10K do not add up.

EIGI paid 17% of its ’12-’14 EBITDA to a related party tied
to the CEO. The related party seems to be Endurance.

No international revenue disclosures, despite promoting
itself as an ‘international growth’ concern.

An undisclosed subsidiary falsely claimed to the US
Government that the FBI “recommended” them.
EIGI’s BlueHost, JustHost, HostGator and HostMonster
hosted terrorist websites as recently as few weeks ago.

EIGI domains hosted 1,000s of spam/malware-related sites
per spam/malware watchdogs (the hosting world’s Blin

EIGI spends ~1/6th on core infrastructure vs Godaddy.

Customer reviews are consistently poor.

A 15+ year industry executive states EIGI uses a churn
model/definition that is “not industry common practice,
while using industry terminology.”

EIGI is free cash flow negative. Godaddy is FCF positive.

The management team (including the CEO) recently sold
~30% of their stake in EIG
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Proofs that I Was Believing Steve Sydness aka SOULESSprit



·  Nephtali, I am helping my precious friend with my limited finances and from another Country. Not a freakin’ American will help me to HELP MY WONDERFUL AMERICAN FRIEND. I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT.

Trust me Tali, I will tell all my contacts all around the world about how Americans are mean.

Oh and I am talking about free help here. Only a room in their apartment or their house. No, they are not helping me to save my friend’s life.

·  March 9, 2013

Not even a closet…He advertised on Craiglist to have a closet to sleep in. America is doomed.·

3/9, 1:30pm

Brotherneph Christianvideos

What is happening again? Remember some people have trust issues as well, its not easy taking in a stranyer online

April 27, 2013

I know it’s not. I have been taken advantage of myself.

I just forwarded your emails to my friend, mentioning to him your youtube account. (since he liked some of your videos and was calling you his brother)

Update about my homeless friend in Ohio. Not only he now have bladder infection but now he is facing leg amputation. (gangrene) I am not going to be involved anymore on FB if it does not work.

·  May 19, 2013

I just contacted the Laura and John Arnold foundation for him. Who knows, they might do better than so called Christians but they sure can not do worse.

Brotherneph Christianvideos

Praise God… How you been?

I can not feel good when my best friend after God is having gangrene and now developed a cancer tumor because of the carelessness of folks around him.

Petrus Romanus The Final Pope Is Here

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Petrus Romanus The Final Pope Is Here

Petrus Romanus The Final Pope Is Here

“the antichrist is a Italian(Dan 9:26-27) “

That means that this man Pietro Parolin will most likely be the next Pope
and THE Antichrist because he’s born in Italy:

Quotes from the video above: (I know this is not God’s word, only prophecies from Malachi that were always accurate to this day so we’ll see

A FAIR WARNING:  Since my reputation is to always research the truth, I will not send you to fairytale dreamland.  One of the more popular prophecies concerning the ‘end of time’ scenario is that of St. Malachi, who allegedly prophesied a list of 111 popes to follow the man who was pope at the time of his prophecy, Pope Innocent II. He didn’t come out and name anybody, of course; he just gave a little phrase describing each pontificate. Like the quatrains of Nostradamus, these little phrases can mean almost anything to anyone, and therefore can likewise be applied to anyone.

Despite the obvious fraudulence of the Prophecy of St. Malachi, there are plenty of true believers; and of those true believers, some stand out as more devoted than the rest.



(During the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church, the seat will be occupied by Peter the Roman, who will feed his sheep in many tribulations; and when these things are finished, the seven-hilled city will be destroyed, and the terrible Judge will judge his people. The End.)

So what shall we make of this 112th and final name on Malachy’s list of prophesied Popes? Who today may be waiting in the wings to succeed Benedict XVI and play this apocalyptic role?

It is highly unlikely that any newly-elected Pontiff would be so bold as to take the name Pope Peter II. Then why would Malachy refer to this future leader of the Catholic Church as “Petrus”?? Will this “Roman” Peter actually ascend to the Papacy?

Petrus Romanus is the only name on Malachy’s list with no number preceding it. Thus it is probable that, unlike the previous 111 men referenced, this Italian-born figure will not become Pope. It is likely that Peter the Roman will take on the Papal role without putting on the Papal robe.

But how could this be?

It is likely that a catastrophe at the Vatican – probably a “terrorist” attack” (most likely a false flag operation)  will wipe out most of the top leadership of the Church during either a consistory or a conclave of the College of Cardinals (a horrific event that would fulfill the terrible vision Pope Pius X experienced while in a trance in 1909).

As a result of such a disaster, it is likely that with no viable College remaining to elect a new Pontiff, a surviving official of the Roman Curia will succeed to the highest leadership vacancy in the Church but not as Pope. Since he will not rise to the Papacy itself but will become in effect the top caretaker of the Church, it will not be necessary for him to assume a new Papal name such as Peter. Thus he will keep the name he has had since his birth in Italy and that name, given to him by his parents, already is Peter (Pietro).

Currently there is only one such candidate for Petrus Romanus within the Roman Curia. His name is Pietro Parolin, the Vatican Under-Secretary of State for Relations with States, appointed by Pope John Paul II in 2002 and retained by Pope Benedict XVI. A native of Schiavon, Italy, Monsignor Parolin was born on January 15, 1955.


Monsignor Pietro Parolin, another Italian considered in Rome’s diplomatic circles to be a first-class diplomat. He has made concrete advances in bettering the Church’s relations with Vietnam and China.



“On a lighter note, Parolin achieved a certain notoriety during 2006 via the internet as a possible future Pope. A note about the papal prophecies of the medieval Abbot Malachy posted on the Wikipedia website speculated that Parolin might be the “Petrus Romanus” (“Peter the Roman”) whom Abbot Malachy predicts will be the last Pope before the end of the world. The Wikipedia entry reads: “Because no number is assigned to Petrus Romanus (Malachy’s 112th “Pope”), it is possible that (Peter the Roman) may take on the role of the Pope without putting on the robe of the Pope. Under this possible scenario, a catastrophe at the Vatican (perhaps a terrorist attack) could wipe out the top leadership of the Church during either a consistory or a conclave of the College of Cardinals. As a result, with no viable College surviving to elect a new pontiff, this particular scenario would have a surviving official of the Roman Curia succeeding to the top leadership of the Church but not as Pope. Since he would not rise to the papacy itself but instead would become, in effect, the top caretaker of the Church, he would not need to assume a new papal name such as Peter; thus he would keep the name he has had since his birth in Italy, and that name already would be Peter (or, in Italian, Pietro). Currently (that is, as of March 2006) there is only one such candidate for Petrus Romanus within the Roman Curia. His name is Pietro Parolin…”

One internet poster summarized his view of this prediction with these words: “The Prophecies of St. Malachy are a large dose of Irish baloney.” Another noted: “In the case of the College of Cardinals going poof, the election of a new Pope would devolve to the remaining Roman clergy, who hold the power of election by natural right. No caretakers needed.”



Barack HUSSEIN Obama might work with that man.
Obama is most likely the Maitreya and First Beast

I DO NOT support, encourage, or approve of violence and in no way do I wish ANY HARM to come to AMERICA’S PRESIDENT (even though he’s just an Occupant at the White House!)

This is only a study of Bible Prophecy and how it relates to the current events we see unfolding in our world.

and Pietro is most likely THE Antichrist

I DO NOT support, encourage, or approve of violence and in no way do I wish ANY HARM to come to THE NAZI FREEMASON PEDOPHILE POPE!

Queen Pope Face Courts for Crimes Against Humanity 1 3

Again, this is only a study of Bible Prophecy and how it relates to the current events we see unfolding in our world.

Lionheart7100 (21 minutes ago)
Roman Emperor Nero is the Antichrist, he will return (Rev 17.8), perhaps as an apostate Pope: Antichrist existed before(Rev 17.8), the antichrist is the seven Roman Emperor(Rev 17.10-11), the antichrist is a Italian(Dan 9:26-27) , 666 fit the name Nero. Nero persecuted the Christians and set fire to Roma.

Meet The Last Pope 43 views – 22 h

Message to all the potential publishers of the world:
This book:
The_Monarchy_Of_The_Solipsists (Jesuits)

has potential to sell big, especially if Ratzinger dies this year,
which might be the case because he is old of age.
God says in his word to not rejoice that anybody dies, no matter how evil this person is so please do not consider this as opportunism because in fact, I had been taken advantage of by a real opportunist (to say the least) who wants to put his name on my book and sell it! just like the Solipsists are doing!  That’s why I am being aggressive to sell this book first IS ALL.

God Has No Pleasure in the Death of the Wicked

The Bible teaches that God has no pleasure in the death of the wicked. Ezekiel 33:11, “Say unto them, As I live, saith the Lord GOD, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked; but that the wicked turn from his way and live: turn ye, turn ye from your evil ways; for why will ye die, O house of Israel.”  If we are to be Christlike, then we must not rejoice in the death of the unsaved. It is a sad thing when someone dies and goes into Hell.

Also, the Prophecy of the last pope is upon us 2012
Malachy prophesied 112 popes until the end. We are on 111 and he just announced he is probably resigning as early as April 2012
prophecy news watch

To the smartest and best offer!

For more information, please go to:

Petrus Romanus The Final Pope Is Here

The Pope will die within a year: “Vatican assassination” fears revealed  Nick Squires

Marie M. Buchanan, M. Psy.

Researcher, Pastor-Assistant,Webmaster, Translator, Writer

Petrus Romanus The Final Pope Is Here

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