Souless-Preys & Sleazin’ Risk-Sickness


Freedy Steve2

Souless-Preys (Souless-Prit) & Sleazin’ Risk-Sickness (Steven Kris Sydness)

So … maybe we can refer to ‘Souless-Preys’
by his other name of “Sleazin’-Sickness” (or
his formal name of “Sleazin’ Risk-Sickness”
and also of “Sleaze-And Risk-Sickness”)
…. either way … ‘Steven Kris Sydness”
seems like a…’sleazy, risk-taking, sicko’.


My initial email

Souless-prit (Soul Esprit) means
= soul less preys.
(prit in French = prays in English and “it” preys instead of praying, it’s just a play-on-words)
Therefore, it is soul less preys
and soul less preys = Steven Kris Madness
euh I mean Sickness
no I mean Sydness
Steven Kris Sydness