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THIS congress man and these idiots people KNEW this was going to happen, THEY are ALL free masons….and they dont even KNOW that their tax free hotels that have been built are DESIGNED to MELT …unbelievable that these so called educated idiots can BUY the LIE…..but I’m sure bush senior will be right there to hold the paw

Nov 10, 2013

I can’t really disagree with that.

Nov 12, 2013

I’ll tell you what, now those free masons are going on the street pretending to be homeless to destroy the vulnerable.  This is a true story, supported by David Dees. So now they are going to prey on the streets with an homeless sign and their pen name.

Nov 13, 2013

I KNOW….i’m unfortunately married to an illegal alien from canada….for almost 14 years now he has THREE fake I.D.’s and lives OFF the united states….his brother too, fake reports of income, paid NO taxes at least since ’91 and laughs at us all the time……their father was a super mason and when he died they gave him 12 minutes of euligy in parliment of canada…look it up if you want, his name was John Stafford of stafford foods and stafford farms….he’s even in the Hall of Fame Racing of canada! Free Masons have totally destroyed our Republic and dont have ANY empathy for children OR humanity
Perhaps a long time ago, free masons had something good….but today, they are totally psychopaths and narcissists like the windsor family and bildenburger group….they are all nuts….dont forget to put the BUSH family in there….obama is just a clonned puppet. I hope you do your homework so you dont RE ACT to their Script of bullshit

Yesterday 11:22 PM

wow thanks for that info!

12:38 PM

Very good video and comments all the way. Very informative.


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