Proofs that I Was Believing Steve Sydness aka SOULESSprit



·  Nephtali, I am helping my precious friend with my limited finances and from another Country. Not a freakin’ American will help me to HELP MY WONDERFUL AMERICAN FRIEND. I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT.

Trust me Tali, I will tell all my contacts all around the world about how Americans are mean.

Oh and I am talking about free help here. Only a room in their apartment or their house. No, they are not helping me to save my friend’s life.

·  March 9, 2013

Not even a closet…He advertised on Craiglist to have a closet to sleep in. America is doomed.·

3/9, 1:30pm

Brotherneph Christianvideos

What is happening again? Remember some people have trust issues as well, its not easy taking in a stranyer online

April 27, 2013

I know it’s not. I have been taken advantage of myself.

I just forwarded your emails to my friend, mentioning to him your youtube account. (since he liked some of your videos and was calling you his brother)

Update about my homeless friend in Ohio. Not only he now have bladder infection but now he is facing leg amputation. (gangrene) I am not going to be involved anymore on FB if it does not work.

·  May 19, 2013

I just contacted the Laura and John Arnold foundation for him. Who knows, they might do better than so called Christians but they sure can not do worse.

Brotherneph Christianvideos

Praise God… How you been?

I can not feel good when my best friend after God is having gangrene and now developed a cancer tumor because of the carelessness of folks around him.

Under the Foolish Market Predictions for 2014, you find guess who….SOULESSprit! (Steven Kris Sydness)


this video


quote under his video description:

“he has never been wrong about the market direction or timing, stating that 2012-13 the economy will experience a 1929-style crash and the Illuminati world controllers will use that crisis to bring in their global government New World Order”.

Who else than “Soul Esprit” would promote “Soul Esprit”?  Considerable1 and other youtube “supporters” are all the same character, “Soul Esprit”.