Letter David Dees wrote to Steve Sydness aka “Soul Esprit”

how sick a sad fuck are you

Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2013 21:18:18 -0400
From: DDees@mail.com
Subject: RE: Dees ART / Friends
To: bluesky7772011@hotmail.com

Steven, wait, so now you decided NOT to pay her back?

You told me you were going to pay her back, and you changed your mind? You can’t just decide not to pay her back, that is
cruel and heartless. What a crappy thing, you post sickening videos calling her adultress and endless profanity, and even write her emails
that you want god to kill her dead, and now you say you won’t pay her back? You actually wrote that she should die? How sick of sad fuck are you?

Following your profound sense of logic here, should I now reconsider sending you the art, or simply ignore all this and keep my word?
You didn’t keep your word, tell me how that is ok? Because she put up a video? I heard the video, she was in love with you, and you led her on, and kept telling her to send you more money, wow, you are some scummy fucker, a total creep, and now after she sent you 5 thousand dollars you insult her. haha. you are truly an evil fuck.


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