Email that Steve Sydness “Soul Esprit” former CEO of Endurance International wrote to Janelle after scamming her of 14K

 Freedy Steve3

Email that Steve Sydness former CEO of Endurance International wrote to Janelle after scamming her of 14K (9K donations, 5K lost in gambling) under his pen name “Soul Esprit”
I can make shift print screen of it if necessary, it’s not a problem.  This is word for word what he have told her. Since he is a psychopath, you need to understand that all he said is 180 ass backwards meaning that all he told her was that he was projecting himself unto her and her husband.  That is what he does when people fall into his pity ploy under his pen name “Soul Esprit”.  By the way, he was calling Janelle a reprobate, which MEANS THAT HE IS THE REPROBATE BASED ON WHAT I WENT THROUGH WITH THIS MONSTER.

“Janelle, your logic is infantile. Your husband is a devil, and you are his assistant. You have been informed by me many times that the hospital cannot do ANYTHING to help me – they can’t cure me because there is no cure for this. They can’t offer me anything at all. Further, how can you insist I go to the hospital when I HAVE NO MONEY TO PAY FOR IT? What do you think I’m wasting my time contacting you for – because I like you? Ha!

Your recent inaction proves you are the most despicable excuse for a Christain. Your idea of Christianity is to pay taxes to the Beast (unScriptural), deny to help a neighbor in need (unScriptural), listen to your weak and stupid husband who covets greedily all the day(unScriptural) money which is not even his! And it’s not yours either! You didn’t work for a penny of it. It was GIVEN to you! And you begrudge me a few scraps from you banquet table.

You cannot receive reproof because you are reprobate. Your conscious is seared. Your husband is so wicked he imagines I’m trying to scam you out of money when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. (Deceit is in the heart of them who imagine evil. – Prv 12:20). Thus proving that your husband is a deceiver.

I’ve told you over and over again that the ONLY SOLUTION to my situation is to move out of living in the van and get a place to live. I’ve been in a SPIDER INFESTED van for 1 1/2 years now. The little money you sent was used to buy food, van repairs, gas, and book publication costs. None of it was wasted. How dare you suggest that you gave me sufficient for my need!

I LIVE IN A VAN, YOU IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a witch and God bring down his judgment upon both you, your husband and your children. May you all be cursed because you refused to obey Him in this most critically important issue.  Finally, your stupid husband repeatedly has brainwashed you into believing that I have “burned all my bridges” and that is why I have no support. How could he know that? What is the basis for his proclaimation? Is he clairvoyant? Does he know we personally? When did he ever meet me? Listen, you demented star-groupie, THERE ARE NO CHRISTIANS! What you call a Christian is just some sold out to Satan froward two-fold child of hell like yourself. I didn’t burn any bridges. There were no bridges to burn. So get it straight and stop trying to excuse yourself for your love of money. During the interim of hoping you could show mercy, I have endured GANEGREEN, CANCER TUMOR, THOUSANDS of more bites all over my body. I can barely walk and am covered with festering sores. This is what you have allowed to occur. YOU are responsible.

God tested you and you failed. Your money perish with you. I will see you again but you will be on the other side of a great impassible chasm. Here’s a video I made a while back with you and your lecherous husband in mind. You’re referenced at 6:21 – to end In one of my upcoming books I will reserve a section for you and your husband. Pages and pages of photos. You’ll both be infamous.


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