Steve Sydness aka “Soul Esprit” BULLIED AND INSULTED DAVID DEES


Freedy Steve3


—– Original Message —–

From: Good News

Sent: 10/07/13 04:02 PM

To: David Dees

Subject: RE: Dees ART / Friends

Ha, Ha. What a weak pathetic punk you are. You’re just a photoshop plagerist, not even talented; I misjudged you. I designed those covers, not you. All you are is an alcohol and drug misfit masquerading as an artist. How much of that 13 grand I paid you was used to buy alcohol and drugs?

I think I’ll call Henry… see if there’s any openings in a FEMA camp for you two evil doers. Just one phone call – that’s all I need to make. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do. I’d enjoy that. Maybe I’ll come by and visit. Maybe not.

Sleep well… until you get that pound on your door at 3AM. Ha, Ha. Know that it was me who set it up.

Oh? You didn’t know that when you attack and falsely accuse me, you are attacking and falsely accusing God? Shows what a stupid ignorant little monkey you are.

You may want to print it out and read it while you’re in prison – you’ll have lots of time for reading. And send it to that adulteress, she’ll be there, probably in the same concentration camp, frothing mad, bouncing off the cold concrete walls.

Letter David Dees wrote to Steve Sydness aka “Soul Esprit”


how sick a sad fuck are you

Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2013 21:18:18 -0400
Subject: RE: Dees ART / Friends

Steven, wait, so now you decided NOT to pay her back?

You told me you were going to pay her back, and you changed your mind? You can’t just decide not to pay her back, that is
cruel and heartless. What a crappy thing, you post sickening videos calling her adultress and endless profanity, and even write her emails
that you want god to kill her dead, and now you say you won’t pay her back? You actually wrote that she should die? How sick of sad fuck are you?

Following your profound sense of logic here, should I now reconsider sending you the art, or simply ignore all this and keep my word?
You didn’t keep your word, tell me how that is ok? Because she put up a video? I heard the video, she was in love with you, and you led her on, and kept telling her to send you more money, wow, you are some scummy fucker, a total creep, and now after she sent you 5 thousand dollars you insult her. haha. you are truly an evil fuck.