David Dees to Steve Sydness aka Soul Esprit

Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2013 00:20:12 -0400
From: DDees@mail.com
Subject: Dees ART / TEST book cover art

Soul, or Steve, I just listened to your rant on the youtube video about this lady

I have rarely found anyone’s behavior more disgusting than yours. Here is a woman that sought to help you and gave half of all the money she had in the world to help you, had emotional feelings for you, invited you to live with her. And now that she is upset she realizes you have used her, retaliates and wants her money. You choose to tell everyone a bunch of religious horseshit to justify the cruel bullying you have drop into.

Let me tell something, I am standing up for her now, you will no longer post mean videos and continue with your childish immoral outbursts.

From now on you get a hold of your emotions, and get busy paying her back, or I promise on the GOD in heaven you and the devil that is in your heart now will pay dearly. I have a lot of friends, and a lot of pull in this industry as you well know, and you are pissing me off to no end.

The sick and depraved approach you have to life is sad and weeping in the halls of time and energy, I know you won’t listen to any of this, but know this, pay her back, get busy and pay her back right now, do your gambling, or whatever, just stop recording your bullshit religious asshole sermons, I notice you don’t bother to tell your dozen flock of listeners what YOU DID TO HER you
satanic loving crap.

How you can treat a lady who adored and helped you in a sick and depraved manner of this is only described as mentally ill.

Either pay her back and treat her with respect, or see what I can bring to the table. Enough said.

By the way, tell me right now how much money she gave you, or I will ask her, and I am sure she will tell me.

How much was it you scammed out of her?

David Dees illustration
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