WebHost4Life: why I got so angry

Thursday, April 29, 2010

WebHost4Life: why I got so angry

“They’re only a hosting company that you pay less than $10 per month. Why get so upset when your site goes down? Why yell and shout on the phone for 30 minutes at the CEO? Have you lost your marbles?”
This thought went through my head many times yesterday, but my answer remains the same: you mess with *MY* web site and I get really pissed off; ignore my support requests for several days, and I go ballistic. *MY* web site represents hours and hours of work, often done after hours or over weekends. For me it is a work of art, a labour of love, and an extension of who I am.
If you mess with that, you’re messing with me. You’re also betraying my trust. I signed up and paid for service a year in advance. I struggled and tweaked, uploaded and tested, and spent hours and hours getting the damn thing to work. Of course I’ll get fed up if something goes wrong, epecially when you deny that anything is wrong and that you broke it.
If I find over a period of time that your service is unreliable or your help system sucks, I weigh the pain of moving with the pain of staying. If there are technical glitches that get sorted out over time, as long as you own up to them, I’ll cut you some slack.
But don’t send me a hype-laden impersonal email with no signature or name on the bottom and tell me that you are “migrating” my precious baby to a “new platform” without giving me the chance to test this platform. Don’t promise to do it in February and then do it 34 days later.
Don’t train your “support staff” to lie about their names (there is no-one called Agustin Bates/Perry Peters/Jessy Pratt in Mangalore India) and tell me there is nothing to do until your account is “migrated” when it is precisely the migration that has gone horribly and catastrophically wrong. I was caught between a rock and a hard place by YOUR new system that I don’t care about or even understand. You should have explained it up front. You didn’t.
Now you have lost 10% of your customer base and you have the arrogance to tell me that only a “tiny fraction” of all the migrations have gone wrong. Are you trying to tell me I’m a “difficult” client because I’m in the “tiny fraction”? Would you rather I just shut up and left? And you expect me to take this rubbish? When you say “… we’re able to move 95%+ of accounts without customer participation …” what you’re actually saying that you are screwing up 1 in 20 sites. And then you sound surprised when I get upset? As Dr Phil would say, “What were you thinking??”
Now you know why I got upset. I don’t respond well to bullshit.



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