About the Endurance International Group (EIG)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

About the Endurance International Group (EIG)

After being stuffed around for weeks by WebHost4Life and the (mis)management team that bought it, I have been reading the Endurance International Group’s web site more closely. It has been an interesting read, mainly because of what they don’t tell you. Take, for example, the following:

“Acquisitions are a key component of our growth strategy. Using a proprietary methodology, we have completed acquisitions with more than 30 hosting companies and migrated more than half-a-million customers onto our platform since 2001.”

They omit to list all these acquisitions. I wonder why? Here is a list I compiled, using Google to search for the fax number used by their legal department. It seems that David C. Bryson, General Counsel, is a busy man with all these clients.

If my experience is anything to go by, the only way they are going to grow is through acquisitions, and even then they manage to persuade a significant percentage to change hosting providers during the process. According to www.web-hosting-top.com, WebHost4Life’s hosted domains grew for 2007-2009 from 62,076 to 70,669 domains. In 2010 the decline has set in, so that by April 19, 2010 they are down to 63,379 domains, a loss of 11.5% in just 4 months. My guess is that most of those 7,290 domains are sites that were screwed up by their “migration” process.
Speaking of migration, here is the “Migration Experience for Customers” spin

Through the migration “wheel” technology, the vast majority of accounts can be moved to the Endurance platform with minimal customer involvement. We don’t just move files, we activate accounts on our system — paying attention to the smallest of details — even changes to settings and scripts are handled automatically.
In fact, we’re able to move 95%+ of accounts without customer participation — and, we offer intuitive tools for assisting the remaining customers in their transitions.

They fail to mention what percentage of those “migrated” web sites actually work after they have been moved. Also, they state that they move 95% of the accounts without customer participation before the move, because most of the customer “participation” happens after they realise their web site is no longer working, the database is corrupt or old, or the settings are completely screwed up.

While we will see an increase in support traffic during this time, the vast majority of contacts are simple customer-education issues that our agents are trained to coach customers through.

What they fail to point out is that the only “help” they actually are capable of providing is “customer-education issues”, because they are unable to do any technical changes at the “technical support” desk themselves. They simply log a call and leave it to overworked and incompetent technicians to “fix”. Often this takes so long that the customer has already left by the time they get to attend to the problem.
During the “migration” process a number of other changes occur, such as the imposition of a $35 “cancellation fee”. Unless you specifically kick up a fuss, this fee is deducted from money you may already have paid, and the remainder is refunded. Spot the ripoff. Now contrast this with the statement

At Endurance, our mission is to “Delight customers and help them succeed by profitably delivering superior solutions and an outstanding customer experience.” This holds true for all of our customers, and especially those who go through the migration process.

If this is the case, why does the call centre not have any of the contact details of EIG, such as the name, email address and phone number of the CEO? Because the last thing the CEO wants to do is listen to the complaints of outraged customers whose web sites and data have been destroyed, and whose businesses have been impacted by the callous avarice of EIG.
I checked on the Web Host Directory Awards page and not a single EIG company is listed in their awards. I guess that’s no surprise, really.
Update: The Better Business Bureau lists some of the hosting companies shown above. I have marked them with a star (*)


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