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What a total jerk and absolute fraud he is — and what a monster he is to target a lonely, sickly, nearly-impoverish widow who lives hundreds of miles away in another country.

Actually — I truly feel that this s.e. character is even worse than the televangelists … because he KNEW FULL WELL of the suffering and sacrifice that was being endured by Martine so that he would not “die”.

He spoke to and emailed he countless times — and he knew all about her situation when he first targeted her (which is a common ‘scoping’ practice with psychopaths) — yet he was willing to con her into homelessness (if he would) then try to get her to simply “wilt away and die off”.

His behavior is one of the sickest things that I have ever seen and he strikes me as being ‘evil-personified’..

He is the textbook-definition of a narcissistic-psychopath.In fact — (since it seems he will never publicly reveal his real name) below is a picture of a name-tag that must have been custom-made … just for him — LOL.

This man played with my heart, my mind, my spirit, my soul like insane to say the very least.

Soul Esprit is Steven Kris Sydness and Worked with Kissinger (Read video description)

My research explained:

Malware: Name servers for domain on AS29873 (BIZLAND)

Diagnostic page for AS29873 (BIZLAND-SD)

David Dees to Steven Kris Sydness aka Soul Esprit

Soul Esprit is $teven Kri$ $ydne$$ who Worked WITH Henry Kissinger — The Kiss of Death

This man wrongfully called me an adulterer because I left my first husband because he was a psychopath. This man was projecting himself on me like he always did. God is not mocked, you do not attack his child (who is a real widow and she was fatherless because her father was only a sperm donor because he was also a psychopath) just for the heck of it.

I have more pictures of the family and children than that but they did nothing wrong to me so I only wanted to prove my point and I even removed the name of his wife in this video. This man is continuing to have natural consequences of his bad action of targeting me in the first place and playing with my buttons for the whole year because his goal was my destruction but God did not allow this to happen because He is my only Father.

He is crucifying Christ my brother and making of Him an open shame by using His name to target the vulnerable to destroy them even more with a sadistic pleasure.

Reprobates are usually: Conniving, Selfish, Disdainful, Impatient, Angry, Underhanded, Sly, Shrewd, Deceitful, Cruel, Untrustworthy, Spiteful, Disloyal, Treacherous, Confrontational, Greedy, Willful, Self-Indulgent, Prideful, Arrogant, Unremorseful, Scornful, Sneaky, Manipulative, Belligerent, Calculating, Scheming, Devious, Cunning, Callous, Brutal, Cold-blooded, Sadistic and Vicious.

30 Pieces of Silver = $5,500 USD (i.e. The ever-wicked s.e. is a Judas who has betrayed ‘the body of Christ’)

The Judas Syndrome

When There’s No Room in One’s Heart for God

Chief among the gods that egotistic or narcissistic characters worship is the grandiose image they have of themselves (Simon, Character Disturbance, 91).

They regard themselves as inordinately “special” and view nearly everyone else as pathetically inferior.

They’re often so convinced of their special status that they feel entitled to do whatever they please in their dealings with those they perceive are beneath them.

And because they have no concept of anything more powerful or important than they are, there’s nothing in their mental or psychological framework to inhibit them from selfishly using and abusing those around them.

~George K. Simon, Jr.



“From that time on, Judas began looking for an opportunity to betray Jesus.”




Harvard Business School

Entreprenuer in Residence

Harvard Business School

2012 – Present (1 year)Boston

Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Principia College and School

2008 – Present (5 years)Elsah, IL and St Louis, MO

Board Member

Data Intensity

2012 – Present (1 year)Bedford, MA

Board Member

Swiftpage ACT!

2013 – Present (less than a year)Denver

Arthur Ventures

Member of Limited Partners’ Committee

Arthur Ventures

2013 – Present (less than a year)Fargo, North Dakota

Endurance International Group

Chief Executive Officer

Endurance International Group

1999 – 2011 (12 years)Burlington, MA

Executive Vice President

Great Plains Software

1987 – 1999 (12 years)Fargo, North Dakota Area


Sydness for US Senate

1991 – 1992 (1 year)North Dakota

Vice President

Kissinger Associates

1983 – 1986 (3 years)New York

McKinsey & Company


McKinsey & Company

1977 – 1983 (6 years)New York and Tokyo


Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

1979 – 1981

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