About the previous boss Steven Kris Sydness worked WITH (Henry Kissinger)

Kissinger – The Kiss of Death


Street Democracy writes:

This psychopathic sadist, that relishes on the brutal suffering of millions and is a corporate whore of Satan, walks his evil body of rotting flesh in amongst power, war mongering as he does.

Kissinger is Bilderburg Illuminati puppet, front man and mass killer, serves only his self and his masters of rot, this creature is most vile and his stench lingers in political office.


His voice reflects the rotting corpse that he manages to drag up each morning and dress. He then continues to make death dealing politics and hates the people, the sheep, the goyim and gives no thought to their suffering.

Kissinger exterminated his morals at birth in the cesspit he was born in. This reptile is cold hearted, cold blooded and has no soul of his own, he sold that to the dark ages ago.


Numb to his slaughter and the despair of the poor on a global scale, this man is a vampire, sucking up the misery to feed himself on and is not welcome on this planet never mind central government.

When will people wake up to the pathological liars that run governments across the globe, for Kissinger doesn’t stand alone. His hands drop blood along a long line of others. For more on this gutter body of putrid bile, click here for Global Research on Kissenger and more accounts of his ill doings.


‘On September 22, CBS Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer had a long interview with Henry Kissinger.

Take a look at the intro:

In the long history of America, few men have had the influence of Henry Kissinger. For at least 60 years, powerful people have asked: “What does Henry think?” And he has never been shy about telling them….

Kissinger would go on to be Richard Nixon’s national security adviser. He received the Nobel Prize for getting peace talks started on Vietnam, was point man for the opening to China, and guided the effort to forge new arms agreements with the Soviet Union. The media loved him. He became secretary of State and as Watergate exploded, kept American foreign policy together at a time when America had never been more vulnerable.

One part about this–”the media loved him”–is undeniably true. And it’s certainly true that powerful people ask Kissinger for advice.

But the idea that Kissinger “kept American foreign policy together at a time when America had never been more vulnerable” deserves a rebuttal.’ Read more: Asking What Kissinger Thinks – But Not What He Did



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