David Dees to Steven Kris Sydness aka Soul Esprit

Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2013 20:57:28 -0400
From: DDees@mail.com
Subject: Dees ART / Friends
To:  Good News (Steven Kris Sydness aka Soul Esprit)

Here is the fruit of one of your deeds…

—– Forwarded Message —–

Friends,  This man raped my heart, mind, soul, spirit by pretending to be who he is not just like he pretends to understand the victims of SRA in that book.  He knows what a woman needs just as well as he knows what the abused children need.  I kid you not, it’s not that he does not know as he told me very well what a woman needs but he just can not provide what is lacking in him.  He gets what he deserves to have emotionally torture me and sadistically enjoyed it for the whole f***ing year. So f*** his book, I desecrated the personal copy he sent to me because this is how he won my heart by having wrote this unfortunately very interesting book – it was the book I preferred written by a human being but let’s say it’s written by a void entity.  It is a very tiny price to pay to have your book desecrated when you desecrated somebody’s heart, mind, soul and spirit for an entire f***ing year so he’s better to stay f***ing quiet.
—– Forwarded Message —–
From: “Marie Buchanan, M.Psy.” <mariemartine1966@yahoo.com>
To: David Dees <DDees@mail.com>
Cc: “allpeoplegifts@gmail.com” <allpeoplegifts@gmail.com>
Sent: Tuesday, October 1, 2013 1:42 PM
Subject: This man is a Spirit Rapist. Re: He raped my soul, mind, spirit and heart Re: Those who repay good with evil … are reprobates.
Hello David,God my real Father (I only had one father in my life and it’s God) is the one who woke me up when he was asking me to continue to send him money while I was endangering myself to go on the street because he was “dying”.  I have pinpointed for you timings on each video so that would not take you much time to browse this:1-  From 5:52 to 6:01 “This is the lowest I have ever been here. I actually think I’m gonna die unless something will happen very quickly”.

From 8:40 to 8:55 “I am living in the most unhealthy living conditions that anyone can hope for”.

2-  He lead me to believe he was dying 2:38, the main reason why I sent him that money because I lost my late husband under terrible circumstances and I’m still traumatized…(he was murdered by his doctor…)

3 – then he says to me that he will be taken away, he will die until 9:41. Between 7:43 to 7:45 he says he’s closed to death.

4 – From 6:22 to 6:35 what a situation is that? From 6:45 to 8:00
Conversation? It was a one sided thing
From 9:00 to 9:47 he was treating me like I was not helping and I sent him over 5K
The way he was talking, “I will be stranded, you will cut me off pretty soon here” 6:50 to 6:53 and “I do not even know if it is acceptable for you” from 9:42 to 9:47, he wanted me to feel cheap with him.
I already send him over 50% of my savings and he was expecting me to continue to send 500$ per month and pay for the motel room at “Debra’s”

5 – From 9:04 to 9:18 If it were not for you too, there’s no way I could do this the van would be broken on the side of the road and I would be dead inside
Talks to me like I’m not poor myself from 9:18 to 9:43
I most likely was poorer than he is because I CAN NOT PUBLISH MY BOOKS NOW SINCE I HAVE 5K LESS AND I WAS POOR TO START WITH
while he was working on his BOOK COVERS with you………

Of course, he called me pet names……He was telling me that we were to be companions/partners for life and that I was his necessary helper and only a wife can be this type of helper

From: info@getperfectwisdom.com <info@getperfectwisdom.com>
To: “Marie Buchanan, M.Psy.” <mariemartine1966@yahoo.com>
Date: Monday, March 18, 2013, 5:48 PM

This is a complex situation.
I care for you and your welfare. I cannot – as Eric Rider could not – just
walk away from you knowing who you are and how special you are. I don’t
not think you should live alone.
Yet, I’m a man. And women appeal to me. If we live together we will have
sex at some point. That will be sin. If I were to marry you, I might be in
danger of adultry and damning my soul to hell.
So, you see, I have motivation to both be with you, and not be with you.
You are my dear friend, my ONLY friend. I’m very fond of you at this
This is a connundrum.

but of course being a sadistic, he was not to plan to marry me calling me an adulteress while in fact I’m darn sure that he is not living a chaste life like I do.

This man is a Spirit Rapist.  That’s why he is called SoulLess Evil Spirit (Esprit means Spirit)  You bet that I will make a video with Steven Who Lied with my interpretation of the crazy train in the background !!!!!!!!!!

This man is planning to use the same strategy upon other women.  I am very sure that he drove at least a few to commit suicide.  I am determined to stop him, no matter the cost because I know that he is fully capable of driving women to commit f***ing suicide.

From: David Dees <DDees@mail.com>
To: “Marie Buchanan, M.Psy.” <mariemartine1966@yahoo.com>
Sent: Tuesday, October 1, 2013 12:54 PM
Subject: Re: He raped my soul, mind, spirit and heart Re: Those who repay good with evil … are reprobates.

I am very thankful that you woke up and stopped being a victim of his, Well Done girl!

—– Original Message —–
From: Marie Buchanan, M.Psy.
Sent: 10/01/13 12:44 PM
To: APGifts Gifts
Subject: He raped my soul, mind, spirit and heart Re: Those who repay good with evil … are reprobates.
What this man did – and he used the same strategy with Janelle – was to collect information to  blackmail us later on, which is a government strategy.  (that’s how he managed to call me the witch of Quebec by twisting what I told him) He preplanned as soon as he made that “homeless video” to perfectly screw women and his blurred picture with something to cover his mouth and a hat with his “broken van” on his coming book “Everything is a test” is his previous ploy perfected.  I can not be 100% certain that this man is not homeless because of his gambling issues but I certainly have reasons to doubt it.  I think what is most likely is that “Steven Kris Sydness” shape shifts into the godly homeless man “Soul Esprit” once in a while to trap ladies into his spiral to destroy them.  This man stole from me more than just around 5200$ (4830 $ + (9 X 38$ for the courrier) = 5172 $
+ the exchange rate which is 5$ per 100$, so add 250$ to the 5172$ = 5422$
he stole my life for an entire hellish year by sadistically playing with my buttons (he raped my soul, mind, spirit and heart) and lying to me the whole time but of course he said a few truths.  For those who read “Steven Who Lied” eh I mean “Seven Who Dared” then you understand better how he got my heart but he is not of the Seven in that book, he is the one sadistically abusing children-like individuals such as me while pretending to care about us.  This book attracts to him continuously a supply of new victims of sexual abuse in their childhood in order to further destroy them.  You see what I mean?  That’s how bad this man is….


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