He is a con man, plain and simple

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The problem is that they ALL believe that they are going to be rewarded by being placed at the top of the pyramid that they so worship. Their own greed blinds them to the fact that they are all suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder and their egos will all be in conflict with one another as they kill each other to get to the top of that pyramid. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy of doom. They’re just too stupid to realize it yet.

So yes, this Satan Entity character fits the M.O. and I am quite positive that he is not living in a van with spiders as a homeless person (unless you have solid proof to the contrary). He’s a con man, plain and simple. This is what they do to feed their own pathetic egos. They don’t feel happy inside unless they are destroying others and preferably the vulnerable ones – because they wouldn’t dare go up against a strong minded one least they be slaughtered. I know his type. A friggin peacock with no balls and if there is any dirty work to be done he contracts it out because he doesn’t have the smarts to pull it off himself.  This guy is a bottom feeder I can tell. At best he MIGHT be a lower level rank amongst this legion of demons and that would be stretching it.

1. He’s dilusional. Granted, I haven’t read his books but I have traded futures, stocks and forex for many years in the past and I am familiar with his fractal trading method and it doesn’t work. Fractals are NOT consistent and reliable. There are far better techniques than this. It’s old school and outdated, very similar to trading Fibanacci, same deal. Truth be told, I have a vast library of investing books, course and material accumulated over the years and what he is probably pedling is just recycled crap from other past con artists. Furthermore, those who control Wall Street are constantly changing the game so nothing that works in the past will work in the future. They aren’t stupid and the markets are definitely controlled and manipulated so there is absolutely no sense in trying to trade them as a free and open market – they are anything but!

2. He’s leading you in conversations. He’s very good at it too. He’s knows you’re smart so he is appealing to your emotional side instead. The techniques he is using on you is very akin to government programs of mind control and manipulation. I must say, as one who has a masters in pyschology I am surprised you didn’t pick up on it earlier. I’m even more surprised that HE didn’t see that as a big red flag and move on. My guess is that he probably has hundreds of Martine’s he is milking of their savings. Very sad.

3. He’s a gambler. I have read every book out there on how to beat casinos. Only a few of them actually come close. That’s also a fixed and rigged game like Wall Street is and unless you are really good at counting cards and know how to do it in a way not to get caught, you’re playing with fire. The fact that he even mixes a video/book in with his trading stuff is pure stupidity and exposes himself and what his true colors are. Why not get a job and earn a real living? If his methods of trading and beating the odds at casinos are so good, a) why’s he need to sell a book on how to do it and b) if he was smart he wouldn’t tell a soul. He’s an idiot is why. Just pedaling the same old trash that thousands of other before him have done. Same old BS, new book cover. Next he will come out with a course/book on how to win at the horse races – watch!


Keep me posted if he makes his move but I doubt he will. To try and assisinate your character publicly would tarnish his own image which he must uphold as being a guy you can trust your money with. No one wants to do business with someone who publicly attacks one of his prior clients/victims. This guy clearly has more to lose than gain. I’m just sorry you had to go through all you did with him. Bottom line – he’s a bum.



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