Hello Lea,

I’ll be perfectly honest with you Leya Honey:  I prayed for my husband while he was alive so that God would save His life and He was taken by the Lord so I learned the hard way that when your time has come, there is nothing we can do about it.  The only thing I do not know is if Mrs. Cambell’s husband time is up or not but I will tell you something.

This aforementioned being said, CANCER IS SIMPLY A FUNGUS, THIS I KNOW FOR SURE so forget about the chemotherapy FIRST AND FOREMOST, it does aggravate the person’s condition instead of helping him.  Trust me, I saw with my very eyes a man killed by chemo (Gene, around 65 years old) because it is also killing your good cells and not just the ones affected by cancer in FL.  DOCTORS DON’T SAY THAT CHEMO KILLS !!!!!!!!  What I am telling you is supported by author Soul Esprit.




The American Medical Association is a labor union for the global Illuminati that has a stranglehold on promoting the ill health of the world’s population.

I’m sure Soul Esprit’s diet could address at least part of the problem FOR SURE since what we are eating is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for our overall health and his book is only $34.95 & FREE Shipping.
His website is:  I am following his diet and I lost 20 pounds easy so far.  GOOD DIET IS GOOD FOR EVERYTHING.  So that is my first recommendation because more affordable unless the cancer IS EXTERNAL, then the baking soda cure can be joined with this first advice because as you know, the active part of the treatment i.e. the baking soda is really cheap.

Now I will also be perfectly honest with you, I know the baking soda cure but it costs enough $$$$$$$$$$ (I spoke with Simoncini in the past for another friend who has cancer but doctors are never cheap when they are involved) but it sure does work because Ralph does know about this cure but he only had skin issues with cancer but it is more costly when it comes to internal organs because applied by Dr. Simoncini with a syringe on the affected organ but it sure does work.  This is also another way, depending of the finances of the Campbell.  Unless they can travel to have Simoncini’s treatment cheaper oversea, I do not know….

But first start with stopping chemotherapy yesterday, address proper diet with Mr. Esprit’s book and go from there.

In Christ the truth I stand (Jn. 14:6) and with Agape Love,

Marie Buchanan, M. Psy.

Researcher, Pastor-Assistant,Webmaster, Translator, Writer

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Is Obama The First Beast ? – Part 2
Is Prince William The Second Beast

Is America the ECONOMIC Babylon?

All Common Law Rights are reserved explicitly without prejudice
UCC 1-103, 1-105, 1-308.

My friend Cheri Campbell’s husband, Joseph, is battling cancer.  Pray for them.




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