Reptilan Eyes Signs of Demonic Possession? My Answer: In Case of Higher Ranking Demonic Entities


Debunkers have been claiming for a long time that all the footage of the so called “reptilian eye” are the result of bad video compression effects or the result of lights coming from two sides.

Not only is this video going to prove those theories wrong, but it is going to show that all the genuine cases of “reptilian eyes” are CAUSED BY DEMONIC POSSESSION as opposed to physical lizard humanoids shapeshifting into humans as most people believe because of this false messiah David Icke.

High quality example footage of such a case will be shown in this video.  That is my personal take on the “lizards” and if they need to drink blood in order to restrain the demon inside them then that is what I believe based on the fact that I know vampirism really and truly exists based on Bill Schnoebelen‘s testimony – he was drinking blood too and he is NOT a lizard.  Remember that you have ranks within and George Bush Jr and George Bush Sr for instance were called Gog and Magog (that‘s their occultic name and God and Magog are higher ranking demonic entities) so those entities inside them are higher ranking demons in the hierarchy.  I am very convinced about my theory based on my own researches. (and not coming from the top of my head)

Marie Buchanan, M. Psy.

Researcher, Pastor-Assistant,Webmaster, Translator, Writer

Is Obama The Maitreya and The First Beast?

Is America the ECONOMIC Babylon?

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  1. Re: Reptilian Eyes Signs of Demonic Possession? My Answer: In Case of Higher Ranking Demonic Entities
    Sunday, November 25, 2012 11:51 AM

    This issue is striking at the heart of the matter.
    Rather than argue about who to vote for the dumb masses should be asking
    questions like this.

    My understanding is that:

    1) Demons do indwell people.
    2) Eye color changes to black during possession.
    3) Demons are not always in residence but come and go. (e.g. sudden
    behavioral shift in an alcoholic.)
    4) Demons are of their father the Devil, who is known as the Great Red
    Dragon, a reptile.
    5) Severe cases of demon possession will result in shape-shifting into a
    reptilian creature – often described as a lizard with scales or a large
    ibis bird-like creature. They spontaneously grow to over 8 foot tall.
    6) Many of the top level world controllers shape shift.
    7) Satan is in direct communication with the creatures at the pinnacle of
    the Hierarchy.

  2. The Heavenly Father in Heaven,original creator and Victor, will see this fight is won for the deserving choices he does take delightin that HE is not the liar. Hooraaaah!
    I could not imagine him maken deals, its warming to know that there are already chosen, marked in THE BOOK OF LIFE, some who will reap that eternal warmth from his love. That don’t take all the (work )Demons do for love, or lasting. TheHeavenly Father who changes his name according to revelation, will rest longer than the demons have worked for nothing. I pray that no one who fails, falls. Behind,is no burden to his everlasting peace and eternal internal,success. Obvious his will is the all of his surival,…….can we say that in his place on earth, without him,NO! True.
    A good book of biblical scripture, compilation
    NEw is Routing Demons at google books EKhart ,excerpts from biblical prophets that
    contain proof, and source too be rid of as many as possible, without making deals.
    Seek and ye shall find as Jesus SAID. This author has definitely done just that for those that realize defense is contantly needed to be monitored, where we fall short, or have ever wondered if the self is giving in to the weaknesses of ages.++

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