HELL-O LUCI !! (Part 16) The Day of Insignifiance or The Day of Desecration




Pic above:  Luciferian meditation room at the UN

Source: http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/False%20Religions/Illuminati/lucifer_trust.htm

From http://www.youtube.com/countessarcadius

please read this article, you probably have to translate it ( that;s what i did, )

now we all know the satanic handsigns,right? HAVE YOU SEEN LADYBIRD JOHNSON’S FUNERAL? wow, EVERY person in the building is doing it, EVEN THE PRIESTS! I always remind people before they watch, THAT THIS IS AN EX PRESIDENTS WIFE’S FUNERAL, WE HAVE THE ELITE , WORLD LEADERS, POLITICIANS, ETC, AND LOOK WHAT ALL OF THEM ARE DOING,


THEN GO TO THIS WEBSITE, AND READ WHAT THIS ARTICLE SAYS! I COUDLN;T BELIEVE IT, and of course, i have no idea how i even ended up on that page or anything




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  1. i have two videos here showing first the DALI LAMA and the POPE the Dali Lama is handing the POPE a box with a gold medal in it, on the inside of the lid is THE ALL SEEING EYE IN A TRIANGLE! please go to 4:50 in this vid, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0wKvStnlyA&list=PLE2641DDD185D989A
    HERE IS A VIDEO SHOWING AN ART PIECE BEHIND THE POPE CALLED THE RESSURECTION! wait until you see how evil this looks, in every part of my being, it felt so evil to me? this is an image OF THEIR CHRIST, THEIR AVATAR, THEIR MAITREYA RISING OUT OF I DON;T KNOW WHAT? i have seen much video of the Pope sitting in a chair WITH AN UPSIDE DOWN CROSS ON IT? so here is the link showing this carving, and how they put lights etc it;s just NASTY! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucxmz6qbpUc&list=PLE2641DDD185D989A

    somebody also sent me a vid where there was an easter celebration at the Vatican, and i have to research some LATIN, but if i heard correctly he was INVOKING LUCIFER!
    the UNITED NATIONS, and their gun treaty, UNITED NATIONS, and their world religion, UNITED NATIONS, and their world government, THEY HAVE A GOAL FOR 2015 SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS, On 9 August 2012, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon launched a new independent global network of research centres, universities and technical insitutions to help find solutions for some of the world’s most pressing environmental, social and economic problems.

    The Secretary-General announced that Prof. Jeffrey Sachs, his Special Adviser on the MDGs, will lead the Sustainable Development Solutions Network.
    NOW EVERYTHING TO DO WITH UN LITERATURE IS LIKE BACKWARDS! remember in my other comment where i showed how LOVE IS DEATH AND DESTRUCTION, SHAMBALLA IS A DESTRUCTIVE AND EJECTIVE FORCE, sacrifice ? WELL, that;s what they said LUCIFER has done for humanity because he LOVES US SO MUCH,
    i actually read an article and not only did they say that THEIR CHRIST , AVATAR WILL MANIFEST ON THE PHYSICAL PLANE, BUT SAID IT’S NOT HUMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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