HELL-O LUCI !! (Part 14) The Day of Insignifiance or The Day of Desecration

Pic above:  Luciferian meditation room at the UN

Source: http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/False%20Religions/Illuminati/lucifer_trust.htm

From http://www.youtube.com/countessarcadius


check this out! WOW, i know the LORD IS REALLY TAKING ME BY THE HAND, AND SHOWING ME WHAT IS REALLY ABOUT TO HAPPEN, my gift of waking WAS MY FAITH! it is absolutely undeniable, that people better get right with Jesus! the Luciferians that run this world have an agenda, AND WE ARE ALMOST AT THE POINT OF THIS HAPPENING! i truly believe that this is happenig on Dec 21,2012, because that is when the alignment takes place, AND THIS DOOR, or STARGATE, is opened!
LUCIS 071-073#72

notice how in the second paragraph, near the bottom, it STATES THEY NEED TO MOVE UNITEDLY THROUGH THE DOORWAY, (what is happening in reality is these entities are using our souls, our energy our spirit, to EVOLVE HIGHER SPIRITUALLY) this was what i got out of the interview with the illuminati member as well, then wait until you read HOW THIS HAPPENED ONLY ONCE BEFORE, WHEN THEY CAME TO HUMANITY, WAS BACK IN THE DAYS OF ATLANTIS! this is when they say the last time the HEIRARCHY was here on earth, this is what THE EXTERNALIZATION OF THE HEIRARCHY IS, them RETURNING AND RULING HERE ON EARTH? you see, it makes no sense, really, they are using us to evolve higher, but yet, ARE HERE? SEE WHAT I MEAN? THEY MEAN,HERE, AND ENSLAVE US EVEN WORSE THAN WE ARE NOW!
okay here it is,
The Hierarchy is itself also at a point of spiritual crisis. Its initiates stand before the Door which leads to the Way of the Higher Evolution, and the entire personnel of the Hierarchy waits to make a united move forward, paralleling – on its own level – the move forward which humanity is also destined to make.

But, my brothers, here is the point of interest. Under the great law of synthetic expression (called by us the Law of Synthesis, the law governing the first divine aspect), the Hierarchy must move forward in such a manner that the effort must encompass the physical plane as well as the higher planes. The activity engineered must cover the three worlds of the Spiritual Triad. Forget not the overlapping of these two worlds, which takes place upon the mental plane and warrants the well-known phrase “the five worlds of superhuman evolution”. Hence, therefore, the necessity for the externalisation of the Hierarchy, and the demonstration of Their united ability to work from the physical plane up to the highest, in order to move unitedly through this Door on to the Way. Speaking symbolically, this externalisation is for the Members of the Hierarchy, an act of sacrificial service, but it is also a symbolic gesture. The Hierarchy incarnates on Earth again, and for the first time since its last incarnation in Atlantean days. It is, however, a group incarnation and not the incarnation of individual Members. This is probably a subtle point, too difficult for you to grasp.
The externalisation of the Hierarchy, therefore, and the restoration of the Mysteries, are not something done for humanity or simply carried out because men have earned a closer contact, have the right to some reward, or are now so spiritual that the Hierarchy can have a good and useful time helping them. The picture is entirely different. What looms with such importance in the consciousness of men is, in reality, quite secondary in relation to the hierarchical crisis which we are considering. This reappearance on the physical plane, and the consequent life of service (involving factors of profound significance to men), are an expression of the inherent spiritual [Page 171] impulse, which is impelling hierarchical action in two directions, but involving one unified movement, embracing all the five planes of superhuman evolution, and necessitating a group recapitulation of incarnated process.

The Hierarchy has its own life, and its own goals and objectives, its own evolutionary rhythm, and its own spiritual expansions; these are not the same as those of the human kingdom. These goals and rhythms will become more familiar to thinking men as the Hierarchy approaches closer to the physical plane. (18 – 333/5).

(2) We are working and living in the initial stages of the period wherein preparation is being made for the emergence of the Hierarchy into the world of men. The emergence is at present purely on to the mental levels, but when the thoughtform of exoteric existence is created by humanity itself, and the evocative cry is intense enough, then the Great Ashram will slowly make its appearance upon the physical plane. (18 – 382).

(3) In the meantime the Hierarchy is orienting itself to a much closer rapport with humanity, and to an interior reorganisation which will make it possible to admit disciples in large numbers into the great Ashram. (18 – 383).

(4) (The Members of the Hierarchy) are already – one by one – entering into outer activity upon the physical plane. They are not recognised for what They are, but They go about the Father’s business, demonstrating goodwill, seeking to enlarge the horizon of humanity, and thus prepare the way for the One Whom They serve, the Christ, the Master of all the Masters, and the Teacher alike of angels and of men. (8 – 170).

(5) Two things must be realised as the interested student considers this event of externalisation:

1. The senior Members of the Hierarchy will not at first be the ones who will make the needed approach. Under Their direction and Their close supervision, this approach will be made – in the early stages – by initiates of and under the degree of the third initiation, and also by those disciples who will be chosen and designated to implement Their efforts, and so will work under Their direction. It is only in the later stages, and when the time has come for the return into recognised physical expression of the Christ, leading to the definite restoration of the Mysteries, that certain of the senior Members of the Hierarchy will appear and take outer and recognisable physical control of world affairs. The time for this will be dependent necessarily upon the success of the steps taken by the Members of the Hierarchy who are not so advanced.

2. Members of the Hierarchy, whether working in the early stages or [Page 172] later when the true externalisation takes place, will work as members of the human family, and not as proclaimed members of the Kingdom of God, or of souls, known to us as the Hierarchy; they will appear in office of some kind or another; they will be the current politicians, business men, financiers, religious teachers or churchmen; they will be scientists and philosophers, college professors and educators; they will be the mayors of cities, and the custodians of all public ethical movements. The spiritual forcefulness of their lives, their clear, pure wisdom, the sanity and the modern acceptableness of their proposed measures in any department in which they choose to function, will be so convincing, that little impediment will be set in the way of their undertakings. (13 – 570).

(6) The externalised Ashrams will be active along four major lines:

1. Creating and vitalising the new world religion.

2. The gradual reorganising of the social order – an order free from oppression, the persecution of minorities, materialism and pride.

3. The public inauguration of the system of initiation. This will involve the growth and comprehension of symbolism.

4. The exoteric training of disciples and of humanity in this new cycle. (13 – 700).

See also: (6 – 408/11).

WELL, NOW I AM LITERALLY SICK TO MY STOMACH, so, we must guess then, by this article that, LUCIFER or WHOMEVER THEY BRING the highest, will not be the first to come, THERE ARE MANY! DID YOU READ ABOUT THEM BEING IN EVERY OFFICE OF CUSTODIANS OF ETHICS OF HUMANITY? this is already happened , and for some time, AND WILL CONTINUE TO , as we know that most world leaders are working toward the NWO, and of course the UN,etc, this is really not good,

i need to do more reading, will get back to you, LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK OF THIS?





  1. now, only to research more, and it is SO VERY HARD TO TELL WHAT EVENTS ARE TO COME, a part of me believes that on DEC 21, 2012, they are bringing forth THE RIDER ON THE WHITE HORSE just like she stated, but other reserarch sort of indicates that THIS IS A CHILD, a child that has an INCARNATED SOUL? i don’t claim to have all the answers I AM IGNORANT, AND OF COURSE THEY ALWAYS HAVE 3 PLANS TO BACK UP THEIR PLANS, they don’t mind holding onto this system we have as WE ARE ALL ENSLAVED NOW AS WELL, it is nothing for them to hold on for another year? who knows, I DON;T BELIEVE IT;S THE END OF THE WORLD, they really need their FALSE FLAG, OR THEIR WORLD CRISIS, whatever it is, it could be a number of things, financial collapse, world war three, earthquakes, JAPAN IS A TICKING TIME BOMB, I JUST READ IN JAPAN NEWS THAT REACTOR NUMBER 4 IS SINKING UNEVENLY and ready to collapse, not only will Japan be UNINHABITABLE, it would be like dropping 800 nuclear bombs at ONCE! EVERYONE ON THE WEST COAST OF ALL OF NORTH AMERICA WOULD HAVE TO LEAVE TO BELOW THE EQUATOR, AND AS FAR SOUTH AS POSSIBLE,
    there is so much that can happen,
    then you have the SUN, very scary activity , we are in DANGER, our POWER , AND ENERGY is really at risk, i am researching and actually starting to believe that we have been lied to about SPACE and the planets etc, OUR SUN,so you see, all that need happen is the POWER TO GO OUT, COMPLETE CHAOS WITHIN DAYS OF THAT HAPPENING, i do believe there is a magnetic pole shift happening right as we speak, IT;S A TOSS OF THE COIN, 68 VOLCANOES HAVE BECOME ACTIVE SINCE FEBRUARY OF 2012! THIS IS TERRIFYING AT BEST, 2 EARTHQUAKES IN THE LAST FEW WEEKS IN YELLOWSTONE, AND THIS IS PROBABLY THE SCARIEST OF THEM ALL, because IF Yellowstone blows? we are all dead, i think that people REALLY NEED TO REPENT, AND BE HUMBLE, ONLY HAVE WHAT YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED, get rid of your credit cards, car payments, buy a car outright, an older model that is mechanically sound, they are easier and cheaper to fix, and insure, NO PAYMENTS, STOP BANKING, only have your account open to pay bills and cash cheques WE MUST STOP FINANCING THESE BANKS! not to mention if the power goes out you’ll actually have some cash, i got rid of my credit cards 17 yrs ago, and it was the BEST THING I EVER DID,everything i own, I own outright, and if i don;t have the cash, it doesn;’t happen, of course freeze ONE in a block of ice FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY, if you insist, they are TRYING TO MAKE IT THAT YOU ARE A TERRORIST, if you pay with cash, very sad, actually, i will NOT BE FORCED TO HAVE A CREDIT CARD, i will NOT be forced TO HAVE A BANK ACCOUNT, i will NOT pay them to take my money AND USE IT for their own use, people need to humble themselves ASK YOURSELF WHAT YOU REALLY NEED, i see women driving their kids to school in a 700 dollar a month payment? we need to start ENJOYING EVERY MINUTE OF BEING HERE, even though it;s like HELL, we need to embrace our loved ones, and try to see the beauty in this place, there is much beauty amongst the evil, we need to embrace this right now, because if you look around the evil in this world IS SERIOUSLY TRYING TO EMBRACE EVERYONE RIGHT NOW, the insanity will get worse as we go long, pray for peace in your heart and in your mind, i think that we are almost too late in helping the majority of the masses, it’s A SIN TO BE SILENT, but don’t let it consume all your thoughts and actions, as this is buying into it as well, as we become focused on the negative and WE SHOULD BE FOCUSSING ON THE POSITIVE, and the blessings that we have now, WAKING IS A GOOD THING, but we must have an equal balance or we can become lost in the negative that is going on as well,
    it;s very hard to try and see what’s really going on, the fact remains that their knowledge is twisted and like a puzzle, they are very evasive , and secretive, it’;s hard to figure it all out, and i don;t claim to ,know much of anything, but i;m trying to decifer all the information, and there is ALOT, even just the way they word their literature, so please remember i am far from perfect, i know nothing, hopefully, others are researching as well, and if they see anything please FEEL FREE TO ADD, FEEL FREE to let me know if i am wrong,

  2. Blavatsky’s most devout student and follower was Theosophist, Alice Bailey (1880-1949), who said their plan is to infiltrate the New Testament Church and corrupt it from within. Alice Bailey, a leading spokesperson of the occultic Theosophical Society and member of Co-Masonry confirmed the occultic and Luciferian nature of Freemasonry, stated… “The Masonic Movement is the custodian of the Law, the holder of the Mysteries, and the seat of initiation… a far more occult organization than can be realized… intended to be the training school for coming advanced occultists.”

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