HELL-O LUCI !! (Part 4) The Day of Insignifiance or The Day of Desecration

Pic above:  Luciferian meditation room at the UN

Source: http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/False%20Religions/Illuminati/lucifer_trust.htm

From http://www.youtube.com/countessarcadius

crazy, so many live in denial, and i think somehow they can;t handle the truth, there are so many levels to waking, the information i am sending, especially about the NWO, Lucis Trust, the UN, is a last stage, so many because of religion have turned from God, and that was the purpose, either way, turn away or stay, they are all falling for the deception, as a majority of the heads of these churches have been infiltrated, in Alice Bailey, and Helena Blavatsky;s literature they state that they will infiltrate EVERY INSTITUTION AND ORGANIZATION, and they have! even here where i live THE OTHER DAY I WROTE TO 5 DIFFERENT CHURCHES WITH THAT INFO, AND NOT ONE HAS EMAILED ME BACK!! i am thinking about jumping in my car and approaching who i wrote, asking them FOR SOME ANSWERS, as this INFORMATION HAS BEEN SITTING THERE A LONG TIME!

with the UN being the elite’s trojan horse, it drives me crazy when i see newscasts of UN REPRESENTATIVES SPEAKING OF WAR ETC, and people thinking they can rely on the UN to help with PEACE? grrrrrrrrr! IT MAKES ME WANT TO SCREAM! i don;t know if i had said this before, but my gift of waking WAS MY FAITH! there is no denying that THEY are doing everything to get you to NOT BELIEVE IN GOD AND JESUS, their twists of words, lies , deception, last year a friend of me had sent me a vid, where he walked by this church EVERYDAY,one day he looked and noticed that the ALL SEEING EYE was on the outside of the church, so he went in and asked the MINISTER, head of the church what that was, and why it was there, HE COULDN’T ANSWER so they went in the church, and the minister grabbed a book and looked up the symbol, and said it REPRESENTED GOD? LOL LOL LOL LOL NOT!



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