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We Live Outdoors

[02.25.2011]Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or you just like to get away from it all once in awhile for the weekend, we are here to help improve your camping experience.

If you think that camping is hard, think again. Camping can be one of the most enjoyable get aways you can imagine. With a little knowledge and understanding of camping systems you can discover a whole new world.

We’ll show you how to camp all year round, even in the winter and stay warm, dry and comfortable. We’ve done it ourselves several times with success every time.

We bring our knowledge and experience to you to help you get the most out of your camping experience.

Camping Equipment

[02.25.2011]We work to bring you the best in camping tents and equipment. The site also contains links to several retailers that we approve of where you can find good quality products. Keep in mind that it’s important to care for the things you purchase and they will last longer. Although we don’t necessarily endorse the companies we link to, we’ve used many of their products and can say that we’ve been pleased with what they offer.

We’ve camped in everything from an 8×9 Ozark Trial tent to a 16×16 Cabella’s canvas tent during the winter and other types of tents throughout the year. Depending on your needs and preferences there is a tent for everyone. Sometimes we use a combination of tents depending on the time of the year and what we are doing.

If you are camping for short term it’s not necessary to carry a lot since you’ll consume a good portion of your time in setting up and breaking camp. We recommend a small tent for the weekend and sleeping on a cot. A cot is much faster to set up and put away than an air mattress is.

For long trips (9 days or more) you may prefer to take a larger tent and use air mattresses. But remember in the winter months the air mattress will transfer the cold from the ground to your body. In the winter time we recommend an aluminum frame cot with a thin mattress. They are confortable, don’t take much time to setup/tear down and don’t transfer the cold from the ground.


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