YoU lOsT yOuR rIgHtS In ThE SaCrOsAnCt WaR oN tErRoRiSm (I know what I’m talkin’ about)

Another couple tore apart by those Militarised Northern Borders.

I also tend to believe (thought I might be wrong) that both Countries at the borders are competing to know which Country is the toughest.


U.S. man threatened with deportation is back home

CBCCBC – Mon, 7 Mar, 2011 5:50 PM EST

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  • Jeff Curley is back home in Saint John after being detained in the United States for a few days because of a mix-up in his immigration paper work.Jeff Curley is back home in Saint John after being detained in the United States …

An American man and his family are back in New Brunswick after a tense few days spent at the Canada-U.S. border.

Jeff Curley, who has lived in Saint John since 2004, was deported last week after going to the Canada Border Services office at the St. Stephen-Calais border to have an error fixed on his work permit.

Curley, who is married to a Canadian, with whom he has a 12-week-old baby and two teenaged stepsons, said the clerical error was made when he renewed his annual work visa in January.

A border official in St. Stephen, N.B., mistakenly entered Jan. 20 as both the issue date and expiry date for the permit.

Curley said he’s glad the error has finally been fixed, and the family was allowed to return to Saint John.

“We’re relieved a little bit. I can let bygones be bygones in the past, and just look forward,” he said Monday.

When Curley tried to get clerical errors on his papers corrected last week, he said he was then informed a separate form — his application for residency, which he had submitted in 2005 — had been refused and he had to leave Canada.

He was escorted across the border into the U.S. with only the clothes on his back and the change in his pocket, he said.

Curley said he was told he could not return to Canada for at least a year and he would be arrested if he tried.

“Nobody’s ever treated me like that. I’m just your average Joe, gets along with everybody, and to come up with this person, it was just mind-blowing,” he said.

Curley said Canada Border Services Agency officials have traced the mix up to changes of address on the part of Curley and their offices. That led to him being unaware of an urgent need to submit a medical clearance form.

He’s been given a six-month grace period to get that done.

Curley’s wife, Julie, said the whole ordeal should have been handled more professionally.

“He was denied just the respect, and that’s what the supervisor said that he should have been treated with more respect. He had no criminal record,” she said Monday.

“We’re glad to be home, but really I would hate for anybody to have to go through that, it was horrible. I mean, one minute you’re happy with your little baby and the next minute you’re all being tore apart.”

Julie Curley and her husband and their baby stayed at a hotel in Calais, Maine, while trying to sort through the problem. Their two teenaged sons stayed with family in Saint John.

Jeff Curley, originally from New York State, had been renewing his work permit annually without any trouble.


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