Johanna Michaelson, a former New Ager who became a Christian, writes in her autobiography ‘The Beautiful Side of Evil’, that she learned visualisation through a Silva Mind Control course.

She pictured a radiant ‘Jesus’ figure and invited him to be her special guide, but on his second visit he appeared as a blood-drenched were- wolf! Johanna later suffered a terrible struggle to eject this impersonation of Jesus from her mind. This demonstrates the awful danger of conjuring up a mental image of God as Comforter and Guide. Christians who would not knowingly invite demonic spirit-guides into their souls, are accepting them under the guise of Jesus-pictures! And they are taught to do so by visualisation and guided imagery, so popular in positive confession and inner healing ministries today. Demons care little how we imagine them. They are fully prepared to manifest as ‘angels of light’ or even as a sort of picture-postcard ‘Jesus’ if that is what we want. But whatever the appearance of an imagined being invited into the mind to guide and control, the result will be the same – bondage to demonic powers. It seems incredible, but Christian teachers are urging their followers to get involved in this sorcery:

"…try to imagine God; keep searching in your mind to form an image of God. When the image is there, you will know it…you may have to fine-tune it by focusing on each part of the image and visualising yourself with that image…eventually it will speak to you…"(20)

Instead of praying to our Father in Heaven, whom none can see because He dwells in unapproachable light, we are encouraged to create a mental god and receive its guidance…"eventually it will speak to you", are words that should strike a chill into any true Christian’s heart!

By this (occult) method of visualisation, we can have a little Jesus-god at our beck and call, ready to be summoned whenever we choose. We are told that it matters not how we picture this ‘Jesus’ – in robes of white or jeans and tee-shirt :"The most noble and glorious purpose of the imagination is giving reality to the unseen Lord…the Lord doesn’t care ONE BIT how we visualise Him…Picture Him any way you wish…"(21)

Richard Foster, another follower of Agnes Sanford, assures us that this imaginary picture is "more than an exercise of the imagination – it can be a genuine confrontation. Jesus Christ will actually come to you."(22) Certainly SOMETHING will come, but WHAT? A demonic spirit guide contacted in this way will begin to control the mind with his suggestions – if the guide is thought to be Jesus, the information will be received uncritically, as if from God. How much of the new teaching now coming into the Church is based on such guidance?

SOURCE: http://www.intotruth.org/dev/tract1.html



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