The time is up. America is cursed by God.

How could it be worse than have my marriage desecrated?

Ashley’s liver trashed?

Ashley’s kidneys trashed?

Ashley died.
DHS continuing to play with me,
ales did mentally abused me when they realized they could not get sex from me
the family took advantage ofthe fact DHS was giving me a round

as well as the Pope of PA.
Of course my finances were killed by the NWO.
Why do you think I have a missing teeth
when I was doing 20 bucks an hour in Canada?
Now, I can not even have somebody decent enough
to put
the Military Stone on his grave
and they want me to pay 250 for the cement?

When nobody told me that Ashley could be buried with honors for free
in the Arlington Cemetery, not even this pastor Colin Lucid?
(he was lucid alright)
Well at least my friend Adam Bartlett has my books
in his possession
in case I would die of a heart failure
because those books were to go to him.

They are about to inject you a concocted potion blessed by the witches,
they will desecrate you with it.
Most of you will take it because of the fear of death
but you will die anyway of an horrible death and goto hell.
I’ll take "the bullet" with asmile of victory and honor.
Man, this day will be my day.
Game will be finally over.
They call it "the end game".
I can not wait. I hate this life. That’s not what life is about.

No, I do not hate you to the least.
In fact, I love you but you don’t even care enough about me
to make sure I’ll have the cement for my late husband’s stone
and I am supposed to be happy and smile?
In fact, I am fighting for you for all the shit coming upon your head.
Don’t do a transfer on me, you are the one hating me, not the opposite.
You call yourself a Christian, well satan is desguising himself as an angel of Light.
You call yourself a Patriot, well in fact it’s just an illusion you want to give
to impress people and yourself about how great you are.

You hate me and/or you don’t care but that’s the same thing.

I don’t need a "savior" like this Pope of PA – stay away from me.
Frienship in America is as rare as the pope’s poop.
It smeels dung here. It really stinks.
If you will hate me for telling you the truth,
well you do already hate me by your indifference
so what difference it makes?


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