I thank the God of the Bible for folks like this lovely and intelligent Pete.

Another one like this is Al
also called Larsar the Poet


Dear Pete,

I am supposed to be insane by now
and it’s only by the Grace of God I am not KO yet. There is nothing I
did not do and I am not a quitter.

I fought the Canadian government
for 19 months enough that the Minister of Immigration knows me by my
maiden name: "Martine Hamel" and I realized that my government was more
evil than the evil judge in the Bible.

I am sure since I got no results
that they hate me because I kept emailing to all the MP (Members of
Parliament) in Canada until I immigrated in the US.

This "number" (I was a number in
Canada) managed to meet the MP Marcel Proulx (you do not normally meet
a MP in Canada if you are not "important" and the "number" fought
enough to manage to work for the most important Minister under Stephen
Harper in Canada as administrative assistant to his Political Advisors
to continue my fight to make my husband enter in Canada through Joseph
Soares, political advisor of Minister Lawrence Cannon at the Ministry
of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities – it was called that way
back in 2006.

I need to tell you that US
Immigration did not apply their laws on Nov. 3rd, 2004 when they parted
us like vulgar cattle because they were not supposed to separate me
from my husband since I went to North Carolina and that my temporary
visa did not have a return date and I am keeping all the papers you
could imagine to be able to prove all I am saying.

So after these 19 months, I was
reunited with Ash but as soon as I was reunited, I had another fight
with the VA system and I had no cue whatsoever of this system because I
never heard of that in Canada and my husband died 5 1/2 months after I
immigrated. And God knows what this Legal Immigrant passed through
since Ash’s death on Dec. 5th, 2006. The only exception is Al, he is my
only friend until the proof of the contrary, I mean in my personal
life. I have a friend who got my very important books, well that’s a
good thing in case I would die, those books were to go to him anyway so
they are already in his house.

Without mentioning the hell US
Immigration under DHS gave me . Since I was a widow of a US Citizen,
they were planning to ship me back in Canada like most of the widows.
In fact, it’s me who transmitted the information to APFN even if my
name is not there:;article=123586;title=APFN

Since US Immigration wanted met to
prove this was not a marriage of convenience, they received 4 very tick
envelopes to study and I am almost sure I am the first Immigrant
sending that much stuff to make them sit and ponder, along with the
letters from Congressman McHugh and the White House….

I finally wrote a book about the
story but not too much details because that would put people to sleep,
just enough to help people to understand what situation we were in and
this book is aimed to try to at least postpone this Mandatory Swine Flu
Vaccine, (Ash’s wonderful poems are powerful) this mass killing on the
American Continent
but the problem is that nobody buys it, I
need to figure something out because I am getting a lot of “hits”,
(over 1315 hits in a month, it’s not bad) knowing how to attract “hits”.

I am exhausted (near of 12 heart
failures but God helped me to avoid each of them) but I am the same
person than I was when I was unjustly separated for 19 months from my
Charming Prince. At the very least, Ashley died in a hospital (I made
the Congressman McHugh call the hospital officials on Dec. 2nd, 2006
because I wanted to do everything I could to save my husband’s life)
not a concentration camp where most Americans and Canadians are headed
because they are not listening to "wilderness preachers" or "nutcases"
like us.

My eyes became red when I read this:

‘Life isn’t about how to survive the storm,
but how to dance in the rain.

is the Life (Jn. 14:6) and He is the only one who helped me to stay
sane and not lose faith in Him. Because there is another life, life
does not end at the grave and in fact, I saw the very moment Ashley’s
soul left his body, I know exactly when that happened because I saw
this with my very eyes. I love Jesus with all of my being because He first loved me.

Thanks to God, the Story of Ash & Marie is forever….for Love is Strong as Death (Song 8) (wonderful, beautiful song)

Thank you for being different than
most of those men. You seem to be the same type of rare bird Al is. I
would like to see you in this lifetime, God’s willing. I Love My
Country, I love My People even if most of them don’t give a “shit”
about me.

Sincerely in Christ Jesus, My Best Friend


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From: Peter Rogers <>
Subject: Re: Fw: Plans
To: "Marie " < >
Cc: "pete’s yahoo add" <>
Date: Thursday, September 24, 2009, 8:37 PM

Hi Marie,

keep hanging in there….. the bastards aren’t strong enough to grind
you down… You will come out of all this, and be all the happier and
better for it all..

Loving Regards,


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