October 7, 2009: Jesuit Coadjutor James Traficant

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Although former Ohio Congressman Jim Traficant has done some
praiseworthy acts, he is now, after his release from seven years in
Federal Prison, blaming the Jews in general for the deeds of the Pope’s
“Masonic Court Jews” running the American Israel Public Affairs
Committee (AIPAC), possibly the strongest Masonic Jewish Labor Zionist
lobby in Washington, D.C. Roman Catholic White Gentile Jim Traficant
well knows of the secret tie between the Roman Catholic Mafia and the
Jesuit-directed FBI as both work together under the guidance of the
Order’s CIA/NSA. Traficant, according to his papal script, is blaming
the Jews as the real masters of America, and when the nation falls, the
Jesuits will seek to put the blame on all the Jews of the Empire. JIM
BEST TO MAKE THE CHARGE BELIVEABLE. This broadcast fully reviews the
history of Traficant, both evil and good, concluding he is another
agent for Rome to bring this Empire into “New Right” Jesuit fascism and
thereby the American peoples under the curse of Genesis 12:1-3.


I eventually want to readand study this email between Texe Marrs and Eric Jon Phelps:

Texe Marrs & Eric Phelps against Constance Cumbey Track this topic | Email this topic | Print this topic

CRAIG-OXLEY Posted: Jan 14 2007, 01:38 AM


Group: Admin
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Joined: 10-September 05

From: Power of Prophecy
To: eric@vaticanassassins.org
Sent: Thursday, December 28, 2006 9:15 AM
Subject: Constance Cumbey’s Catholicism

I have never had the privilege of personally sharing with you, but
having read your expose’ on Constance Cumbey, I thought I would pass on
my reflections to you. First, you are correct. Cumbey is a big defender
of Roman Catholicism. She was a featured guest on Mother Angelica’s TV
program and has been a speaker along with priests and nuns at Catholic
conferences, etc. I have been told she attends Catholic mass at a
church in her local area but haven’t verified that..

makes total sense. She knows quite alot about the Jesuits of Detroit.
Maybe she has been entertained at the University of Detroit or the
Detroit Jesuit Community—the old backers of Jesuit Coadjutor Charles

Cumbey seems to take particular delight in
bashing anyone who opposes Freemasonry and the Masonic Lodges. For
example, she viciously attacked Gary Kah, author of Enroute to Global
Occupation. It thus was no surprise to me that she also attacks you
since you do a good job of exposing Vatican ties to the Lodge. Cumbey
also attacked Dave Hunt, who is a long-time opponent of Catholicism.

have serious reservations about Dave Hunt. He is a blatant opponent of
Calvinism in both its doctrine and political history. He completely
avoids the fact that it was the Calvinists of Germany, Holland, England
and America who ended the Pope’s Dark Ages and birthed the Modern Era
with its political liberties. Dave also believes (or advocates) that
911 was committed by the Moslems, while denying the proveable facts
leading to the conclusion that it was an inside job led by the American
intelligence community—Knight of Malta DCI George J. Tenet
specifically. Thus Hunt backs Bonesman Bush’s "War on Terror."

recall, if memory serves me correctly, that Cumbey once said she was
afraid to look directly into the 700 Club’s Pat Robertson’s eyes
because, fearing he was the antichrist 666, she was fearful she would
lose her immortal soul. Now that is weird deluxe.

sense, a "weird delux." I like that phrase! She is obviously an
Arminian free-will Jesuitess feigning to oppose one of the Order’s
greatest shill’s on TV—Pat Robertson who named the late SMOM J. Peter
Grace as the godfather of his children.

Cumbey likes to
label her chosen enemies as New Agers. In her warped and perverted
mind, you expose the Vatican, so you, Eric, must be a New Ager! I, too,
expose Roman Catholicism, so according to Cumbey, I am also a New Ager.
The Pope and his boys must love that kind of twisted thinking. She uses
such circuitous and distorted logic it is quite impractical to carry on
a reasonable discussion with Cumbey, since she takes flying leaps of

Indeed. She strikes me as a very bitter and angry
woman. She attacks New Agers but never links the Vatican as being the
source of the New (Dark) Age. She knows the link of Jesuit priest
Tielhard de Chardin to the New Age Movement but never hones in on the
Order, it being in tremendous power before the NAM. Cumbey also was
terribly rude to Dr. William Grady, a Baptist with a Ph.D in history
and author of several important books. He mentions his confrontation
with her in How Satan Turned America Against God, Vol I.

Cumbey still has a few fans, mostly feminist types in my opinion, the
second book she put out was so poorly done, so full of errors I believe
she lost credibility. Today, she has no real audience and so, in my
opinion, she is very envious of those who write books that do attract a
following. That may be why she attacks Gary Kah and many others who are
simply doing good works for the Lord. Envy is a powerful thing.

Pitiful. If she would abase herself and become teachable, she might be exhalted in due time.

I am not mistaken Wikipedia has a reference to Cumbey, much of which
appears to have been written by her. In it, I noted that she was
supposedly raised as a Seventh Day Adventist. Perhaps Cumbey is an
Ellen G.White feminist wannabe?

You know, that makes sense. And you know White copied extensively from d’Aubigne’s masterpiece, The History of the Reformation.

support of Roman Catholicism and her vile attacks on people like Kah
and other good men indicate that the devil is using her. It could even
be possible that she is herself a covert New Ager. After all, Pope John
Paul II was a closet New Ager.


doubt that she is, but, after all, I have myself written many
bestselling books exposing the New Age movement, yet Cumbey falsely
accuses me of being a New Age plant. By her own logic, maybe she is a
New Age infiltrator. Indeed, I think it is very curious that Cumbey has
attacked people like me, Kah, Hunt, and Groothuis, all of whom had
written Protestant Christian books exposing the New Age movement. It
seems feasible that the Vatican wishes to coverup the fact that, at its
core, Roman Catholicism is classic Babylonian New Age (see Hislop’s The
Two Babylons).

Agreed. Your reference to Hislop is quite right. The Jesuits never refuted that masterpiece.

Cumbey is, in fact, a closet New Ager I do not know. Neither do I have
definitive knowledge of her actual connection with the Jesuits, Opus
Dei or others. I have not had sufficient time to research that. But
clearly she is a Catholic sympathizer and defender.


we can easily and sadly see Cumbey’s unChristian fruits. We should pray
for her because I definitely do not believe she is a Christian.
Instead, in my opinion, she is a not so clever deceiver. And as far as
her being brilliant, I sure haven’t seen any evidence of that. I have
been with her as co-speaker at two conferences and most people there
told me she was dull and boring.

Her writing is very
erudite; maybe her speaking is as you say, as I have never heard her.
She obviously plays the part of an attack dog.

Her personality is grating and she is a selfish, me-oriented, prideful person. Again, there is a lack of Christian fruits.

I believe you.

you tried your best to be Christianly and gentlemanly in dealing with
Constance Cumbey. But that is all wasted on her. People like Cumbey
love it when people respond to their ridiculous accusations. Makes them
feel important and bloats their ego. But, God needs you and me
elsewhere, The field is white to harvest, so let us go out and fight
the good fight of faith in service to our savior, Jesus Christ. The
days truly are short.

Seems you are correct. Her attack
was unprecedented coming from a "Christian." So, in this one instance I
felt it necessary to expose her accordingly

All God’s Best,

Texe Marrs

I am concerned for you. Your ministry of previous years was a great
blessing to me as you exposed Rome and the Jesuits and their Masonic
agents. I have one of your old videos concering the Third Temple being
built in Jerusalem with the Vatican behind the movement. It was
wonderful, not an error could I find.

But over the last three
years you have shifted your attack from the Papacy to the Jews in
general. Your writing style in the Power of Prophecy as changed
considerably. With a new thesis and style, I really wonder if indeed
you truly author those articles rightly attacking the Masonic Labor
Zionists but wrongly attacking all Jews in general. The rhetoric of the
Power of Prophecy is identical with the Jesuit Order’s continued attack
on the Jews and Freemasonry set forth in their La Civilta Cattolica
from 1880 throughout the 1930s. Ex-priest and brother in Christ Leo
Lehmann explains in his Behind the Dictators (1942) that these very
doctrines were enacted as policies of Hitler’s Third Reich created by
Bavarian Jesuits.

Further, you must know, being the Bible
student that you are, that Jerusalem was built on five hills, and Rome
was built on Seven—infamously known throughout the Empire. Your
changing Revelation 17:18, in reference to "the great city" to being
Jerusalem and not Rome is historically incorrect. (The "great city" of
Revelation 11:8 is indeed Jerusalem as you declare.) This then leads
the reader to believe that the Jews and Jerusalem are the world’s
problem and not the Jesuits and Rome.

No doubt that the
Masonic Jewish Labor Zionists ruling Jerusalem and Israel (Rome’s
restored "Kingdom of Jerusalem") are agents for the Pope to the
detriment of the Lord’s beloved Hebrew/Jewish/Israelitic people tied to
the Abrahamic Covenant. These Masonic rulers of Jerusalem are
predecessors of "the scornful men" of Isaian 28:14. They will enter
into the "covenant with death" with "the prince that shall come"
against their own racial brethren living in Jerusalem and throughout

Thus, we should always expose the evil Masonic Jews
ruling Israel as nothing more than being abject pawns of Rome, the
Pope’s Court Jews. But we should always defend the Jewish people’s
God-given right to the land promised to the physical descendants of
Abraham (Gen. 12 and 15), without obedience to the Mosaic Covenant as
it has been "done away."

No doubt the American Jewish lobby in
Washington is pro-Israel—as Israel is governed by the Pope’s Masonic
Labor Zionists. The lobby is also anti-American peoples in that the
Jews in the lobby are all tied to Edward Cardinal Egan’s Council on
Foreign Relations. The Mossad is bad for America and Israeli Jews, even
as is the Rome’s CIA and its Mossad (created by the CIA) is bad for
America and Israeli Jews.

So, my wayword brother, I exhort you
to reconsider your attack, for attack the devil’s kingdom we must. But
if you generate Anti-Jewish fury in this nation and around the world,
the risen Son of God will bring the curse of Genesis 12:1-3 upon you,
something I wish upon no man. Please reconsider, repent and return to
your former ways and I will once again defend you. Until such time, I
am compelled to refer to you as a Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor.

Sincerely in Faith,

Brother Eric Jon Phelps


– Adolfo Nicolas –

CRAIG-OXLEY Posted: Feb 1 2007, 01:43 AM


Group: Admin
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From: Power of Prophecy
To: Eric Jon Phelps
Sent: Monday, January 22, 2007 9:27 AM
Subject: Re: Constance Cumbey’s Catholicism

Dear Eric:

Appreciate your response and your comments.

understand you are a Baptist. I was saved and baptized in a King James
Bible-believing Southern Baptist Church and remain a KJV,
"old-fasioned" Gospel, blood-bought servant of Jesus!

Amen! So glad to hear of your faith in the Lord Jesus of the Reformation Bible for English-speaking peoples.

the matter of whether the true enemy is Zionism or Catholicism, I worry
lest we lose sight of the Gospel message and we be caught up in a
dichotomous circle of deceit. Both the Zionist Jews—who despise Christ
and His Word and continue to plot out a New World Order and a future
"Jewish Messiah"—and the Vatican, with its Babylonian-age doctrines,
are in opposition to God. The book of Revelation amply warns of the
Synagogue of Satan.

Until it went out of print, my ministry
offered your book, Vatican Assassins. So if I am a Jesuit Temporal
Coadjutor, wouldn’t that perhaps make you one as well?

have missed my point. I always attack the Masonic Jewish Labor Zionists
and their deeds of blood from the time they were known as Sabbatian
Frankists. No doubt they are of the Synagogue of Satan. But I have
always blamed the Vatican in Rome as being the center of the devil’s
conspiracy for world government in Jerusalem. Living in "the times of
the Gentiles" until the return of Christ, White Gentiles in command of
the Jesuit Order (now ruling the Pope and his Hierarchy) rule the
world—not the Masonic Jews deliberately positioned to take the blame
for the deeds of the Order. Take Michael Chertoff for example. He is a
full-blooded Jew heading the Department of Homeland (Romeland)
Security. Yet the real master and creator of the DHS is the Jesuit and
Knight of Malta John C. Gannon—-a CIA officer for 24 years and given
the highest civilian award by George Bush. The Jews are the front men;
the Jesuits are their handlers. It is this distinction that you refuse
to employ in your work for the last four years or so. You never did
this in the past and I now ask you, "Why the change?"

fact, that would be ridiculous and unChristian—guilt by association. I
believe that is what Constance Cumbey does. She is far too quick to
label people.

Texe, I am careful not to lay hands on any man suddenly, for good or evil.

am in my 60s, Eric, and I find that over the years I have become more
wise. Many brothers in Christ disagree with me on matters of
escatology, etc., but, I do not rush to accuse them of nefarious,
intentional conduct. I count them in Jesus’ family. If they, or I, am
wrong, I trust the Holy Ghost will fix that, if we truly seek His Way
and His Truth. Meanwhile, I hold my judgement unless I have definitive
proof of apostasy or betrayal.

I feel that you are not
being candid with me. My friend Daryl Eberhart has kindly entreated you
on this matter for quite some time. Bur your refusal to explain your
departure from this most basic and critical doctrine demands our
separation. The doctrine you now preach regarding the Jews is is pure
Jesuitism. It incites rage against all Jews in general and not the few
in service of the Vatican. Rage leads to acts of blood, and I fear that
you will stand before the Lord as being chargeable for inciting this
nation to curse the physical descendants of Abraham. You are a
brilliant man thoroughly versed in the Word of God. I am no one to
instruct you on such a basic Bible doctrine as the Abrahamic Covenant.

your brilliance, life experiences, knowledge of the Order and Rome, and
Luke 21:24-27 ("the times of the Gentiles" ending with the return of
Christ), I can only conclude that you know better. Therefore you must
be in some sort of trouble and thus compromised, now under duress to be
a vessel for Jesuit anti-Jewish fury. It pains me to think that you are
a calculating and willing Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor. Either way, the
end result is the same. Please, Texe, stop this fascist enraging of the
nation against all Jews in general. This may be a "sin unto death" for
you, and I pray that you may be recovered out of this "snare of the
devil." You have fallen from your great work of the past. Please repent
and return to your previous labors.

"He that covereth his sins shall not prosper; but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy." Prov. 28:13.

you would admit your mistake and seek forgiveness from the Lord, I
would be the first to defend you. Please know that I have considered
myself in this matter, realizing full well I too could fall into great
error such as this.

You are my friend. Please let me know if I can ever be of help.

All God’s Best,
Texe Marrs

Sincerely in Faith,

Brother Eric


– Adolfo Nicolas –

smashstuff Posted: Feb 1 2007, 04:40 AM

Advanced Member

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It’s about time someone called Texe Marrs on his Jew hatred. It’s ridiculous and boring. Well done Eric!


Mark Brewer Posted: Feb 1 2007, 06:01 AM

Advanced Member

Group: Members
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QUOTE It’s about time someone called Texe Marrs on his Jew hatred.
It’s ridiculous and boring. Well done Eric!

I have yet to see any evidence that Texe hates Jews. Exposing the Talmud is not hateful.


His quote: "groundless allegations"
His quote: "I have no interest in getting into a shouting match with another guru".
quote: "I was castigated as a govt agent, which is utterly false. This
is the reason that I view many in the movement as nasty people".
His quote: "You owe Tom Cryer an apology".

He observed the same observations about Eric than I personally did….

— On Mon, 4/20/09, Larry Becraft wrote:

From: Larry Becraft
Subject: Tom Cryer
To: eric@vaticanassassins.org
Cc: "Fred Allnutt" , mariemartine1966@yahoo.com, "Tommy Cryer"
Date: Monday, April 20, 2009, 4:43 PM


spent 30 years in the organized freedom movement and especially that
faction that abhors the fed income tax, I speak from experience. Often,
people get involved with the tax issue and reach all sorts of
conclusions, sometimes right, but many times wrong. I have also seen
many people like yourself who study this issue and reach conclusions
based on limited research. Thereafter, from this heady study
experience, they loudly proclaim their findings, and anybody else who
disagrees with them is wrong. Often, this degenerates into a “hate
match” and vile, hateful words start flying. This movement has plenty
of “know-it-all gurus” and too many are just plain nasty people. I have
gotten extremely tired of this and avoid contact as much as possible
with the nasty people.

I read your recent note where you take to
task a man you do not know: Tom Cryer. I, however, know him far better
than you and I am offended at your groundless allegations. I am more
than confident that Tom has read far more cases than you and is more
knowledgeable than you about both tax law specifically, and law,
generally. He was a scholar in law school and is a legal scholar now.

me briefly address your tax argument. Basically, you contend that this
tax is, constitutionally, an excise. The problem with this assertion is
that the truth of the matter is that American courts are split over the
fundamental question of the nature of this tax: direct, or an excise. I
address this matter here with cites to lots more than 20 cases:


also disagree with your contention that the “first [nexis] is the
government-granted privilege to do business as an artificial person
such as a statutory trust, corporation or partnership.” This is nothing
but groundless patriot mythology, as is your assertion that the feds
(IRS) get jurisdiction over people thru their use of IRS forms like
Form W4. However, I have no interest in getting into a shouting match
with another guru.

It is obvious to me that your knowledge of
the tax laws arises solely from reading cases, to the exclusion of
study of the actual tax laws and regs themselves. Not only has Mr.
Cryer read many more cases than you (as have I), we both have
extensively studied the relevant laws and regs. Years ago, I converted
all of the old tax acts to searchable text PDF images as well as doing
the same for the old tax regs. You may find my work posted here:


suggest that you download the materials posted here. Better yet, you
can obtain more information by getting from Mr. Cryer’s organization,
Truth Attack, a CD with this info and more on it.

I also suggest
that you engage in a study of the entire US Statutes at Large. Years
ago, I converted TIF images of the single pages of the Stats to PDF
images; I then strung them together and created PDF files of each
volume of the Stats. Then, I converted the final product to searchable
text. Now for the first time, anybody can do text searches of the
entire US Statutes at Large. A friend of mine, Jon Roland, has posted
this work here:


have spent countless hours compiling lots of legal research based on
the Stats and believe you would benefit by doing the same.

me end this note with an observation. I have noticed that many people
think that when they start studying the tax laws and discover something
they did not know, they think, erroneously, that they are the first to
discover what they just found. The truth of the matter is otherwise.
Lawyers and students have poured over cases and laws for years; every
case and law has been read by somebody else years ago, in fact many
people have done so. Just because you read a case for the first time
never means that nobody else has ever read it. Several years ago, tax
patriots started talking about the 1939 IR Code and reaching
conclusions. These people acted as if nobody had ever noted that there
was a 1939 Code, even tho it was in effect for 15 years and used by
millions of people. When I provided a PDF image of the entire 1939 Code
(searchable I might add), I was castigated as a govt agent, which is
utterly false. This is the reason that I view many in the movement as
nasty people.

You owe Tom Cryer an apology.

Larry Becraft


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