Dear Alena,

First, I do thank you for your professionalism to even include my group in the c.c. It was already mentionned indirectly
in my message (abregedversion copied below)but I do thank you for the
clarification Alena not for me but for my folks and I decided to put
all my groups in the c.c. so everybody will get this.

We never
can be explicit enough on the Internet because most people do not even
take the time to read, they just browse the information and then they
falsely accuse you of not giving the proper information when in fact,
they are the ones not paying enough attention. This will also go on my
blogs as well. Also, they can not believe this is a scam because I
never saw a scam artist doing what I did i.e. to make things perfectly
clear for everyone.

Thank you



If you have a website, here is a good affiliate program.

But if you don’t have website, you should continue to read anyway because you can easily create one for free. Alright?

You don’t have to have a NameCheap account to benefit from this affiliate program.

1) please go through my affiliate number account:
I should get a commission to refer you to this affiliate program for free.

2) once you are there,follow this link:

just finished a chat with NameCheap to make sure I understood well
because I am not like Obama, I do not sell dreams, I’m sorry….

BTW, Am I correct to believe folks can get a free account at NameCheap
and become affiliates? I want to make sure that is true, I was lead to
believe that is the case by following this link: How to become an
Alena G.: Yes, you are right

If you want to create a free website,simply write a comment here and I
will direct you to a good link….it is very easy to do…nevertheless,
unless you will pay me, I will not do the work for you but if you would
invest some time, you’ll get it done yourself, it’s easy to do.

this helps. America is about to be bankrupt with this "baraque"
(pronounced the same way as Barack) of Obama ~ "baraque" means "shack",
which should read: "America is about to be bankrupt with this Shack of
Obama. I got him a new name: "Baraque Obama".
— On Sun, 11/15/09, Alena G. wrote:

From: Alena G.
Subject: [#262328]: How to get a free account at NameCheap for a good Affiliate Program
Date: Sunday, November 15, 2009, 9:06 AM

Hello Marie,

note that we provide our customers with free Namecheap account, but we
do not provide free websites. Namecheap does not support website

Also please follow this link – to make sure that you are aware of our Affiliate policy.

Please let us know if you have any more questions.


Alena G.
Customer Support


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