Why the Military Stone for my Late Husband is not on his Grave Yet

It’s more than insult, it’s desecration:
Open Letter to Military Soldiers-Forced Swine Flu Vaccine by Marie Buchanan
Friend, in the midst of my continuous sadness which is killing me,
I thought to ask you if you could
please give ’em a call
about this cement business at 4$
so they could put their butt in guire
and put the military stone on the grave.

I do not have enough energy to fight over this,

well in fact, here is how I feel about this…
if I would take care of this,
I would literally kick their butt
and get arrested by the police for that….
but I am using my head, like usual
so I am blogging this….

….because the desecration is going on since Nov. 3rd, 2004

….and it’s about to end because I will resist this
damned Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccine
and when they will escort me to get in the bus for a concentration camp,
I will resist and they will shot me
– I know that from my researches
it’s what they will do to the folks who will resist
the Vaccines and the Concentration Camps.

By the way, I would not be surprised to know you are on the blue list
Like I surely am by now!
I am rarely heard….well, God does hear me regularly
and He is comforting me in my mess….

….why do you think I don’t go to the hospital
when I am on my way to have those heart failures
because of the desecration still going on?
Because I know they don’t care they did not even offer a dialysis
to my late husband last round
Open Letter to Military Soldiers-Forced Swine Flu Vaccine by Marie Buchanan
I am no fool.

I am actually trying to influence
the US Military Soldiers
concerning this Forced Swine Flu Vaccine
to get an Honorable Discharge…
with actually few computer ressources
(I know about computers by now, it’s low ressources available)
and few monetary ressources…
if you could, please………

So…if you think I am a good American Citizen
and that I am a big girl,
please do that for me…
…..even if you might not understand everything I say….


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  1. I did a blog with it with few modifications/updated version and I of course did remove your dear name and email address "ABOUT THE MILITARY STONE ON MY LATE HUSBAND\’S GRAVE….." I just want folks to know how bad this situation is…. I need to express myself regularly, otherwise my heart would blow up inside of stress coupled with sadness and it\’s probably how I did manage to stay alive until now and avoided a REAL heart failure… now it is what I leaned to expect from this life since Nov. 3rd, 2004 is to have a friend to give them a call for a 4$ cement deal to fix this military stone and if you will not do it, I\’ll do the same request to somebody else. Until my death. This military stone deal IS NOT A JOKE as I am far from being a fake. Your French American Fellow,

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