The Marie Buchanan Chronicles II PLEASE PASS ALONG by Larsar The Poet

— In, recticuli wrote:

Marie Buchanan Chronicles II PLEASE PASS ALONG

We have a new citizen in this god forsaken HELL we call the united states….

Marie earned her Master’s Degree in Psychology at the Quebec University
of Canada, worked invarious departments of the Canadian Government.

met her now deceased husband the Reverend Ashley McDonald Buchanan,
They dated for a year or so, then tied the knot in a little town ofNorth Carolina. Only to see their world totally smashed by the U.S. Corporate Government. ( all this crap about immigration reform…that is what it is …CRAP )

has written and posted a book of her struggle and the ordeal that she
has had to suffer. From the never ending harassment of government
border serfs, ( whose IQ’s were and are two points below that of the
plant realm)…. Over coming every petty obstacle that they could throw
at her….

poem retails for $2, or you can purchase the book for only $29.95 for
50 poems or so, or you have the choice to download for the mere price
of $19.95, a savings of $10 but for a limited period of time, it will only be $19.95 for the hardcover and the download for the mere price of $9.95. But you must be quick because this is an introductory price!

others that came before her finally gave up, once the government had
extorted their worldly belongings and ruined them financially. The
government treated her husband who held a Doctorate in Divinity, yes a
Reverend like so much slime under their feet, all the time hiding
behind their various ‘CLOAKS of COLORS’ committing one crime after
another against this couple.

did not allow herself to become one of the governments many victims to
fall by the wayside as has so many others. She went through all the
proper channels, jumped all the many hurdles that had been placed in
her path, to become a CITIZEN of the united states.

I do believe that you will not be disappointed in purchasing her book.. In her book are a few poems written mostly during they forced separation but few during Marie and Ashley’s courtship, well worth the price.

Should want to know more BUY HER BOOK !!!



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