Open Letter to Military Soldiers-Forced Swine Flu Vaccine by Marie Buchanan,,,

Open Letter to Military Soldiers ~ Forced Swine Flu Vaccine

Important note:

Here is what the NWO did to my late husband who was

a Honorably Discharged Vietnam Veteran
born in Fort Dix, New Jersey
and served the US Navy

Internet people fear that the military will be used against citizens in
regards to possibly forcing on them Swine flu vaccines, RFID tags, and
internment in concentration camps. That would amount to war and crimes
against the citizens.

I have
read that one of the direct effects of that vaccine is that it causes
the lungs to fill up with fluid. The person died just hours after
taking the recent version of the Swine flu vaccine.

Here is the DESECRATION , my dear late husband,

Reverend Ashley McDonald Buchanan, D.D., went through:

to separate him from his wife at the Militarized Northern borders on
Nov. 3rd, 2004 for 19 months 1/2 – this was right at the midst of our
honeymoon; thanks to DHS…

2) did not allow me to visit my husband for Christmas 2004;

to ask him to prove his US Citizenship when in fact he was born on a US
base, which makes you automatically a US Citizen and also served the US
Navy, which makes you automatically a US Citizen as well;

4) to force his wife to take the vaccines, otherwise she would not see his face again;

to damage his liver more with a high protein diet and to not give the
proper medication for the hepatitis-C, which means the virus was
literally "eating" his liver without considering the fact he was not on
a liver transplant list yet;

6) to not even OFFER a dialysis
at the last hospital he went even if I asked my Congressman to call the
hospital officials, which he did but this action did not give any
results, it was just another false hope for both of us;

7) to
almost drop me in Canada like a piece of crap the day before Ash’s
burial on Dec. 11th, 2006 to be very precise, which almost prevented me
to bury my own husband;

8) to not even tell me that I could bury
him FOR FREE at the Arlington Cemetery – nobody told me, not even this
pastor Colin Lucid who made sure I would be financially more in the
hole (while DHS continuing to play with me) by meeting this Funeral
Home Director with me, who of course as the prototype business man,
took advantage of the situation;

9) to want to make me pay
250$ when the NYS Whistleblower Paul Danko told me this could only cost
4$ to fix the military stone my husband is entitled to. It is a pending
project to this day, which means almost 3 years later. Please
understand this NWO broke me financially (I was doing 20$ an hour in
Canada) and that is why I actually have teeth issues but Ashley was
priceless to me and I have no regrets whatsoever that I shared what I
had with him like he did with me.

Since “they” did that to my
late husband, you are next if you are not stopping their very
disgusting goal of population reduction. In short, the
government does not give a "shit" (sorry for my "French" but that’s the
best way to put it) about you, my dear Military personnel. Deborah
Reid’s quote: "However, most likely the military leaders will not take
that vaccine. They will get exemptions, but I doubt there will be
exemptions for the lower level military soldiers".

More information at:
Open Letter to Military Soldiers-Forced Swine Flu Vaccine by Deborah Reid


be in a military that functions as an enemy to your fellow citizens,
including your family, and yourself? It would be a smart idea to get
out of such a military. You will find other ways to have your survival

Very worthy suggestions at:
Open Letter to Military Soldiers-Forced Swine Flu Vaccine by Deborah Reid

will be helpful to forward this open letter very much with hopes that
it will reach all of the military soldiers and their families. Please
forward even if this could cost my very life, (it might fall in the
wrong hands) if at the very least my death could postpone this
RFID/Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccine and everything related to it like the
Concentration Camps, the Martial Law, then I would not die in vain and
I would be this wonderful Immigrant like your own ancestors were,
willing to die for her fellow Citizen.

A wounded “soldier” against the NWO,
In Loving Memory of Rev. Ashley McDonald Buchanan, D.D.
and for America
In the truth, I stand. (Jn. 14:6)


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