Dear God / Dear Fellow

This picture of Mr. Skip above is copyrighted in my book

Dear God,

scapegoat life is really boring me and killing me and I’m very sick of
it and that’s why it’s 2:22 a.m. here and I am not sleeping yet. If it
is your will, please save my very life but worse case scenario, my soul
is saved because I saw a 180 degree change within my person even if I
am not perfect yet.

know there is folks out there they will think that I am a nutcase but I
don’t care anymore. I am asking You for help and nobody else because I
lost hope with those people on the American continent. They can not
help me, all they can do is to harm me more than I actually am. You are
the only one who can understand me because for them,
1) to express myself very well in English,
2) to know very well the Bible and
3) to know very well what is really going on is not enough.
No, nothing is good enough for them.
Even if I would kill myself, that would not be good enough.
And they fake to like this French accent, but in fact they think it’s odd
but you know what? I love my accent.

Here’s what I decided to post anyway:


Dear Fellow,

Even if we do speak the same language
since I learned so well English I became a translator
and I am not only a translator…
and even if we have the Bible in common, the US Constitution
we know both what’s going on.
Seems to not be good enough to become friends…

Sad thing is that you never were under DHS
you are a spoiled kid in comparison
living around your family
I don’t have a family, I lost my family.
My family was Ash, Mr. Skip and Mrs. Dashun.
I lost Mr. Skip October 2006.
I lost My Scottish Prince on December 2006
I lost Mrs. Dashun on October 2007
The two cats died of the fumes
of flea bombs
those damned stupid ignorant folks
did not tell us they were about to bomb us with the flees and the flee bomb.
Did not help Ash’s health to the least because the two cats were healthy before.
I might be next do leave this evil world.

So we are from a different world
You are full of life while I am full of sadness

You can not comprehend a word of what I am talking about
Simply because you did not experiment it yet
That’s just the way most humans are
I know what I am talking about, I am a Psy
but as a Psy, this was a very good experience
to learn more about the human nature

Don’t want to bother you too much

Since day 1st I entered in communication with you
I feel I am bothering you anyway.

Why? Because
I’m under DHS
and you aren’t
Two different worlds.
That’s why.

I don’t dislike you for that, Hon.

Not your fault if I did commit
the unforgivable sin under the New World Order
to marry a wonderful American
and I am deemed to be a potential terrorist I guess
because I’m born up North
got a Masters in Psychology
worked at different ministries at the Canadian gov’t

and I don’t have a criminal record, not even a parking ticket

That’s why I am treated like a piece of "dung"

and that nobody seems to care, except God Himself.
You are next to be treated like a potential terrorist
and you will remember me
because you will remember those words
and those words will burn inside your heart
because of what you will be put in yourself
and you will remember that I existed
you did not care and nobody will care for you either.
All by yourself. Like a Big Boy. Like a Big Girl.
Your turn is coming you will desire death like I sometimes do, bad, bad girl.

You think I am happy/glad to tell you that?

Not only I do not like my life to the least

but I do hate to know what will happen to you.
Why do you think I am shouting all over the internet my pain?
Only for myself? You think I am stupid enough to not know
I am taking risks to open my mouth and show my wounds?
I am taking risks by doing so but I am serving truth (Jn. 14:6)
and the Fear of God (most pastors don’t have a cue of what the fear of God is about)
is we are to accept His will for
our life, irrespective of the outcome.

In Christ and for America,


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