My two cents…I think for somebody who has the money to leave the Continent, I think the moment is now to be on the safe side, to not wait the Martial Law to stop you from going out…. before the "shit will hit the fan" (sorry for this American expression but the bible uses the word: "dung") because we all see that coming….

In my personal life, (for the very few who care to know)

the "shit began to hit the fan" on Nov. 3rd, 2004
because Ashley, Honorably Discharged Disabled US Vietnam Veteran
and Doctor in Divinity, who was born in Fort Dix, New Jersey
and served the US Navy did the
horrible, terrible, monstrous and unforgivable sin
to marry a Canadian and
just a bit more (which almost happened)
he would be prevented to see his wife before his death
and yes, I was almost prevented to bury my own husband

That is the new way to honor our Veterans in the Country….

…..the New World Order Way…

……without forgetting to trash their liver if we can to show more our gratitude in those VA hospitals….
…and without forgetting while we are at it to not even OFFER a dialysis in order to save $$$$$
…..yes, let them dry out to the bones (which is torture) to demonstrate our gratitude more!
….even if the wife "killed" herself to get services, we just don’t care!…

That is the new way to honor our Veterans those days….the New World Order Way….
We love you to DEATH !

And remember, BE A "GOOD" AMERICAN, PAY YOUR TAXES!!!!!!!
Even if we are financing aborptions and illegal war in Iraq and soon Afganistan….


To know more, get the book:



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