I Think he Wants My Death but God Did Not Say His Last Word Yet!

I do understand the god of this world wants my death because I am alive to make
my humble part to participate to postpone what is about to happen and that is why the support is so very limited because I am against the Prince of Darkness, satan and he loves to attack me because of the few concrete support I am getting.
I do not want you to be in the same spot than I am My Dear Americans
and that’s why my book is written because that will not make Ashley
come back to life anytime soon!


My dear friend (Larsar The Poet)
told me that a poem is worth 2 $ a piece and my book has about 50 poems
so if you think 29.99$ is expensive for the paperback and 19.99 $ for
the download, think again! Because it will not stay at that price when
people will begin to buy it because it’s a cheap price for the talents
of my Ash but I want you to have our experience to learn from it and
avoid the worse! You will see for yourself. Just go to the link and
click on the preview, you will see few of his poems…

people will begin to buy it, they will realize how important and how
sweet this book is (Ashley is the artist, I am only a plain/dull writer
in comparison) to wake up their loved ones for what is about to happen!

will not bother you again about my book as I know how to make it seen
all over the Internet so I don’t need your support if you don’t want. I
contacted all the Nations of the world already.Somebody will wake up
and do something. Something is bound to happen.


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