Before it will disappear from the cyber space like this link:
Because that would be interesting to read about Nelson Turner, Eric’s pastor from TR point of vue…

Letter to Eric Phelps:

Re: Monty Collier


Re: Monty Collier

3/3/2008 1:28:36 P.M. Eastern Standard Time

From: eric@vaticanassassins.org

Dear Thomas,
This man is no Calvinist.Brother Eric (Phelps)

(Eric Phelps has now flip-flopped
on this statement as well. -TR)

But it seems that Eric Phelps was correct when he stated Monty is no Calvinist. Look at this Reformed Theology message board and you can see Monty does not fit in and has attacked some men on there as well.


To eric@vaticanassassins.org

From Thomas Richards

Re: Monty Collier

Dear Brother Eric, Actually, Collier is
making a name for himself among the reformed theology realm as well. He
has made accusations toward people and they are also claiming that
Monty is twisting their words and the meanings behind what people teach
in their theology. Now he’s attaching himself to you and will bring
your credibility down even among Calvinists. Here is the forum where
you can get a clearer picture of what is taking place: ~Link Here is more of Scott Clark’s refutation of Monty ~Link/ Here is Monty doing the same thing with yet another person ~Link
I suggest to you Eric that you look at these other sides of the story.
Monty according to them is making wrong assessments of their
theological teachings. Monty then makes a public video attacking this
man, twisting the man’s words around just like he did to me. This is
another witness who is saying what i said. that he is twisting my words
around and bringing false accusations against me. Besides that,
What is the second chapter of James about Eric? can you really partake
in twisting that chapter around to say "we shouldn’t have good works"?
or don’t need them? James says positively that you must have good works
and the Lord Jesus Christ says the same thing. "…can faith save him?" James 2:14 These are tell-tale signs that someone has Christ within them. the devil doesn’t care about people.
Lord initially revealed Himself to me through the first chapter of
Proverbs where God says terrible things will happen to those who
"…hated knowledge, and did not choose the fear of
the LORD:" Proverbs 1:29 Let God be true and every man a liar. God says
here it’s a choice. In Joshua 24:15 Joshua tells them to CHOOSE who
they will serve. God presented it to me in this manner brother Eric
right before i became a born again Christian and was instantly
delivered from horrible anxiety, foul language, daily pot habit, chain
smoking addiction and every other satanic bondage.For 11 years i have
been delivered from these things.I cant talk about it unless this truly
happened to me that day. God showed me He would laugh at my calamity
unless i accepted His offer. "I also will laugh at your calamity; I
will mock when your fear cometh;" Proverbs 1:26 BECAUSE "YOU.." "…
did not choose the fear of the LORD" 1:29 Thisis the
same God I read about all through scripture. "No free Will" doctrine
and "eternal security" doctrine totally cast away one’s need to fear
God. The fear of God will not change anything according to your
Calvinist theology. But one of the wisest men who ever lived stated,
"The fear of the LORD is a fountain of life, to depart from the snares
of death." Why should I fear the Lord if I do not have "free will" and
am "once saved always saved"? Logic has nothing to do with salvation.
Nothing at all. But according to logic this belief in calvinism is
illogical. Have Calvinists wrestled with scriptures via "logic" to turn
them into a different meaning? Yes they have. Eric, I will say nothing
more of this matter. Only that you have been warned.Monty is an
uneducated, self appointed pastor of a church that doesn’t exist. Why
is he "self appointed"? because he has never gone up through the ranks
as taught us by our beloved Apostle Paul. He never subjected himself an
thus should be shunned as he has usurped authority even in the
Calvinist realm. Montywas promoting the Roman Catholic Malachi Martin
and will not stop harassing me. I reject his theology. That should at
least make me a heretick and his eyes and he should therefore "reject"
me as stated in Titus 3:10 I have done a video on this issue saying I reject their "debate" (Monty and Nelson Turner) and I reject their challenge and their idea of "Christianity". http://youtube.com/watch?v=6MnvzYUkSVM
Monty and Nelson initiated all this. If they want a "debate" they have
the whole "Arminian" realm to go after. The whole Internet is filled
with the debate they desire. If James does not teach a man is saved by
Faith and Works one can at least say it could be seen that way and is
at the very least a debatable topic. And even if the Jesuits themselves
look at that verse and believe it and add it to their doctrines it
could be said that they believe a section of the bible. Will they do
it? No they don’t. I have seen expose’ after expose’ showing that these
criminals have no "good works". Good works are OK Eric, although they
will not get someone to heaven unless they have been washed in the
blood of Jesus and allow the Lord Jesus to do those good works through
us for verily we can do nothing with HIM. Yours in Christ, Thomas Richards
Date of Message: | May 12, 2008


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