Dear Sir

know I am not angry at you to the least, I am angry at the NWOand I am
only adding to the discussion here. Thanks to bear with me because I
know you do.

do not deny to the least the roach bomb chapiter Sir but this chapter
would not be there and also there was a previous chapter at the
Militarized Northern Borders on Nov. 3rd, 2004. If those Canadian/US
rats would not separate us, we would not even be in this littl’ village
of Massena, we would be in FL because that wasthe climate Ash was used
to live with and since he was the one having heath issues and even if
Ido not like very much the hotclimate, we would be in FL and that’s
exactly why I have a FL phone number.

So it’s not false to say that the NWO killed my husband.

at those Militarized Northern Borders. (you see nothing down South,
there is no border patrol guards and there is not a single day I do not
see a rat and you know me, I am far from being a racist, all those guys
are rats for me no matter if they have the Canadian, the Quebecois or
the US flag, I don’t care, they are part of the same team)

those VA hospitals are also part of the NWO so to say that Ash was
killed by the NWO is notto re-write the story to say that the NWO
killed my husband. It’s explained in the book what those morons on the
8th floor of the Albany Medical Center did to Ash’s liver and kidneys.

this Roman Catholic Massena Memorial Hospital (which is part of the
NWO) did not even offer a dialysis, thanks to this rat worshipper from
India Nimesh Desai. Well, I tried to influence the ambulance guys to go
elsewhere but they said their job was to just bring Ash to the nearest
hospital. As you know, the DHS did play with us since Nov. 3rd, 2004 so
I could not even learn how to drive because you know me Al, if I would
know how to drive, I would bring Ash to a better hospital than that and
I would not hesitate to do a research to find the best one in the area
and go there. Even if Ash was all yellow and shacking and even if this
was really stressing me out because I knew he was on his way to die, I
would take that route because we already had experience with the
Massena Memorial Hospital. A very important point is that even if his
kidneys were beginning to shut down, they were still working until
December 4th (Ash had a big bag on his side to collect the liquid and I
was the one removing the body fluid so I know his kidneys were still
working) so the dialysis would work. I know you know about Congressman
McHugh but since I am sending c.c. to online friends, I want them to
know that I called on Dec. 1st, 2006 the Congressman’s office and the
Congressman’s office called the MMH on Dec. 2nd, 2006.

just in the mix we have toconsider those low morons who "roach bombed"
us. Since I am the only survivor of this roach bomb business, it means
I do a good decision to concentrate on
first Ash’s poems and books, second my books, Ash’s ministry and my own ministry because I do not have a lot of time ahead of me.

a miracle that God protected me from the roach bombwith an angel
between the roach bomb and me,that means according to your words I am

I remember Mr. Skip died in October 2006.
Ashley died in December 2006.
Mrs. Dashun died in November 2007.
I lost all my family. That was my family.

And if I will not succeed to sell Ash’s SELECTED poems (I kept the very personal for myself)

means I am finished because I tried everything since Nov. 3rd, 2004.
Because as you know, most people don’t care for the truth but they
might care more about poems. So that’s my base right there to try to
continue to live and I will do my very best to stay alive because Ash’s
poems and work would DIE WITH ME AND IT’S THE LAST THING I WANT.

Thank you to nicely object to me. I have no problems with that because it forces me to be the most clear.

last thing. They already are killing the poor in the US (that’s why
they did not offer a Dialysis to Ash) and it’s another reason why
theorically, I will die soon according to what you said. Needless to
say if I will have the heart failure symptoms coming on the way , I
will not go to the Massena Memorial Hospital but will die nicely in the
presence of God here and they won’t know what to do with my body.
Your friend,

— On Thu, 9/3/09, recticuli wrote:

From: recticuli
Subject: Re: "The Time is Now……." THE NWO KILLED MY HUSBAND
To: "Marie M. Buchanan"
Date: Thursday, September 3, 2009, 6:53 PM

friend, I truly believe that your bout with the roach bomb incident
played a huge role inthe decline ofAshley’s health. Although he had
previous health problems, the incident with the roach bombs put
health on a super sonic fast track to an early death… It has also
cause problems with your health my friend…. Roach bombs are very
dangerous. The poisons which are in the air, are inhaled into the
lungs, it settles on dishes, clothing, appliances, it permeates all
fixtures, furniture and the like…. Due to that doctors
‘lackadaisical’ indifference, by wanting to rush Ashley through the VA
clinic/hospital, and giving him ‘morphine’ that he was allergic to, all
contirbuted to Ashley’s early death.. Ashley could have been scheduled
for a series of’DIALYSIS’ sesssions, but no the Dr. ignore all the
symptoms, was careless by not examing Ashley’s pass medical history,
and in the process prescribed dangerous drugs, which nearly killed him
on that go around alone.
It does not take a ‘rocket scientist’ to figure any of this out

— On Thu, 9/3/09, Marie M. Buchanan wrote:

From: Marie M. Buchanan
Subject: Re: "The Time is Now……." THE NWO KILLED MY HUSBAND
Cc: "Rex" ,, "Adam Bartlett" ,,
Date: Thursday, September 3, 2009, 12:41 PM

Dear UnrepentantPatriot, The c.c. are my friends who followed my story at least since my husband’s death in 2006. Your quote: "All that is required for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing…….." If you could please pass the word concerning what happened to my LATE HUSBAND…THE NWO KILLED HIM…. I attached the front and back cover of the book and also that I published for Ash’s birthday at APFN this: For Ash’s birthday 08 Here is an introduction to the book I wrote concerning our story (a better peek than the website)
Ash, the love of my life

A littl’ kiss just for Marie (Ash’s creation)

Ash was showing his wife to the world

and writing her poems (those poems are inside the book)

I’ll never stop loving Ash! Satan tried everything he could to kill our love and he did not succeed and will never…I had to fight like insane to remain in the US where my Scottish Prince is buried….in other words, I’d rather prefer to have a bullet in the head than to not be where he is buried.

It’s very bad to separate newlyweds
and do the unspeakable to the Veterans

including not even to offer dialysis treatment to save his life
even if the Congressman McHugh called
the Hospital officials of the Massena Memorial Hospital

on December 2nd, 2006 because I requested his office on
a phone call on December 1st, 2006

story is in the book – about 35 pages dedicated to our story and 50
poems published) but this is my Country and you will not depart me from
my Country otherwise than by death and I am more than willing to die
for the truth, the Lord Jesus Christ himself (Jn. 14:1, Jn. 14:6, Rev.
20:4) because I have nothing at all to be ashamed of so I certainly
won’t live in a lie that everything is "alright" for me now because I
finally got my permanent resident card in April 2009. I lost all my
loved ones, including Mr. Skip and Mrs. Dashun ~ my cats [I don’t have
kids because we could not conceive one before Ash died] (they are in
the book as well, Ash did write a funny poem to each of them because he
loved cats as well)

Book description:

Militarized Northern border destroyed our plans only a few days after
our marriage in NC, which did not help my Romantic and particularly
intelligent husband to the least, who was fine back in November 2004. I
am convinced that if this forced separation would not happen, Ashley
would be alive today because of my love for him, which was translated
into a strong determination to see him alive an well.

Our love
was not destroyed because of the Word of the Living God (Jn. 14:1,
14:6) who helped us to spiritually and emotionally win against the
forces of darkness but unfortunately, I lost the battle on December
5th, 2006, no matter how hard I try to save his life because I only had
a few weeks to act inside a VA Medical Center.

Nevertheless, I
do hope you will hear the words of Wisdom from the grave because a
"cloud" of darkness is actually covering the US. So I am asking you to
hear the sounding alarm expressed by my late husband, written in such a
way that should not leave you indifferent.…..The war is not lost because Jesus Christ is alive! God Bless America!

are people out there who followed my story since November 2004 because
I was blogging real bad to see the face of my husband a.s.a.p. and I
was not only blogging, I met the member of Parliament of Hull, Quebec,
Canada, Marcel Proulx, I bothered all the Members of Parliament as well
as all the Ministers of Immigration, namely Judy Sgro, Joseph Volpe and
Monte Solberg’s office wrote to me a long letter. So this is not
something new coming in the picture, it is a wound that would probably
never be healed before being in Heaven myself.

To support me is to support a real US Patriot. You don’t want to underestimate my love for this Country nor my determination…. ASH’S WONDERFUL POEMS ~ THE EAGLE AND THE MAPLE LEAF ~ FOR LOVE IS STRONG AS DEATH (SONG 8) ~ TO READ IT IS TO LOVE IT!
am attaching a picture of our cats, Mr. Skip and Mrs. Dashun because
they were part of the family I lost. I lost my entire family when I
lost Ash…and those cuties… I wonder if I should forward this email
to all the groups I am a member of…I most likely will, truth needs to
be spread….
So if you want to spread the word after reading this email, you can go ahead…
I will not go to the next project until I will reach my goal for

— On Thu, 9/3/09, Moose wrote:

From: Moose
Subject: "The Time is Now……."
Date: Thursday, September 3, 2009, 11:50 AM

From: The Unrepentant Patriot < theunrepentantpatriot@gmail. com >
Date: Thu, Sep 3, 2009 at 12:12 AM
Subject: {The Unrepentant Patriots} "The time is now….."
To: The Unrepentant Patriots < the-unrepentant-patriots@ >

Fellow Patriots:"Allthat is required for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing…….."


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