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Regarding Photos Circulating of Obama & Osama

Tom Friess’ Commentary
Regarding Photos Circulating of Obama & Osama

Photo referred to by Tom is not pictured here for obvious reasons.

[Tom writes in response…]

I appreciate the humor in this poster. Its very funny on it’s surface.
But what is the hidden message behind these types of images? Is it the
humor of this poster that sticks in our minds, or is it an entirely
different message altogether? What will people most remember after
viewing this humorous poster?

I can’t resist the
opportunity to remind people just how easy it is to engage in our own
self deception. If all of us are not persistently careful, these very
types of images cause ourselves and others to relapse back into our
papist government’s mind controlling lies. I believe this poster is a
purposeful attempt at mind control. It uses humor on the surface to
give it legs, but the sublime message is papal propaganda. Please let
me explain.

First of all, this poster reinforces the
government lie that Tim Osman, AKA "Muslim" 9-11 terrorist Osama Bin
Laden, is public enemy number one. Nothing could be further from the
truth! The Pope is public enemy number one and Tim Osman was just a
means to an end.

Tim Osman was made out to be a "Muslim"
terrorist and was immediately blamed by our papist government as singly
responsible for 9-11. But that single lie caused this whole world (the
whole world wonders after the Beast), but mostly Protestant nations, to
join the Pope’s Crusade against the Muslim Arab Middle East. As you
know, the Pope’s purpose is to secure the Middle East for his eventual
reign as Antichrist from God’s Holy Hill in Jerusalem. To accomplish
this, the Pope pitted his two worst enemies against one another,
Protestantism and Islam. He couldn’t have accomplished all that without
a "Muslim" terrorist like Tim Osman. Neither could he have done it
without a New Pearl Harbor, 9-11.

But in reality, Tim Osman
was not Muslim. He was Catholic no matter what faith he practiced
outwardly. On what grounds do I make this seemingly wild assertion? On
the grounds that Tim Osman was a CIA asset! [ Bin Laden – CIA ] also see [ Tim Osman ]. As abundantly proven by Eric Jon Phelps,

CIA is run by Edward Cardinal Egan through his Knights of Malta.
Therefore, one can only conclude that the CIA (and CIA asset Tim Osman)
is controlled by the Vatican!

Tim Osman worked for the
Pope’s CIA; the same CIA that Nazi Papal Bonesman George H.W. Bush ran
for years before he became Papist Ronaldus Maxumus’ Vice President. CIA
Director Bush and CFR/Knight of Malta Donald Rumsfeld were Osman’s
bosses! Whatever, if any, terrorist activities that Tim Osman
perpetrated on the world, he did it at the behest of the Vatican and
the Pope’s CIA, with the full knowledge of the last 4 Presidents;
Papist Ronaldus Maximus, Nazi Papal Bonesman GHW Bush,
Georgetown/Rhodes scholar/closet Catholic Bill Clinton, and Nazi Papal
Bonesman GW Bush. Therefore, Tim Osman is NOT public enemy number one!
Tim Osman was just another Lee Harvey Oswald. The Vatican is public
enemy number ONE, and so are our last 4 Presidents and our Papist

Second of all, Tim Osman is DEAD and has been
for a long time! Pakistani President in exile, Benesir Bhutto, flatly
told David Frost in an internationally televised interview that Osman
was dead. [ Video Here
] And for leaking that information, Bhutto, in JFK style, was murdered
in broad daylight with cameras rolling in order once again to show the
world’s leaders what happens when one of them defies the temporal power
of the Papacy and outs one of the Pope’s intelligence assets.

Thirdly, Tim Osman was in no way responsible for 9-11. 9-11 was
conducted by Archbishop Edward Cardinal Egan, Georgetown Knight of
Malta George J. Tenet, Nazi Bonesman President GW Bush, Nazi CFR Vice
President Dick Cheney, Secretary of Defense CFR Knight of Malta Donald
Rumsfeld, and our Masonry controlled military. This poster steers all
our minds directly away from these vital truths; truths that positively
identify the Papacy as world enemy number ONE!

the only context in which Tim Osman’s picture should be used by those
of us who know the truth is to tell the truth, showing him NOT as
public enemy number one, or as a Muslim terrorist, or as mastermind of
9-11, but as a Papal stooge for the Vatican and our Papist government.
Any photos that even imply that Tim Osman was anything other than a
Vatican myth is contributing to the perpetuation of our papist
government’s mind control propaganda and contributing to our own self
deception. We all do it. But its high time we stop.

deception that this poster reinforces is the LIE that Barack Hussein
Obama is Muslim. Barack Hussein Obama, as with CFR closet Catholic,
John McCain, was chosen by the Pope’s CFR to run for President. The
Pope appointed Obama as king of America, we did NOT elect him! And as
President (papal king) of America, Barack Hussein Obama, though he may
feign to be Muslim, will continue to use Protestant America to do the
Pope’s bloody bidding in the world and to continue his Crusades. No
matter even if Barack Hussein Obama feigns Islam, his true god is the
Pope of Rome, because a man’s god is NOT determined by who he professes
with his mouth, but by who he obeys.

In summary, this
poster falsely portrays Papal CIA asset Tim Osman as "Muslim" 9-11
terrorist enemy number one. It also deceptively paints Papal King
Barack Hussein Obama as a Muslim. BOTH are LIES. And these LIES, if
believed, will ensure that the American people and the world remain
deceived and that they will NEVER discover that the Vatican is behind
all of the world’s woes. Let us no longer participate in our own self
deception. Let us stop perpetuating and reinforcing our papist
government’s mind control deceptions.

Again…..its not the
humor of this poster that people will remember! Its the underlying LIES
that these false images subliminally reinforce in our minds that people
will remember. Its Papal Propaganda! Its voluntary self induced mind
control. Now look at this poster again and see if you can find even one
shred of truth in the images.

I’m glad you sent me this
poster, Brother _____. It made me think. Pass this around if you like.
It is truth that few people comprehend.

Tom Friess