John Byk – vs- Eric Jon Phelps…..Enough is Enough… Truth & Proof



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Vatican Assassins III

Dear Brethren and Friends,

The Third Edition of Vatican Assassins: "Wounded In The House Of My Friends"
is now available. It is an Electronic Book on CD in PDF format.
Totaling 1836 pages, included are 760 photos and illustrations. It
covers a general history of the Jesuit Order from its inception in
1534, to its involvement in the JFK assassination, to its present
Crusade against both Shia Islam and the once White Anglo-Saxon
Protestant/Baptist western civilization. Included as a gift is an
additional CD containing 13 rare and suppressed anti-Jesuit books.
Thus, the purchaser will receive a 2-CD pack totaling more than 6000
pages of suppressed Jesuit history.

LOWVEHM, Inc. holds the copyright to VA III.

Sincerely in the One True Faith of Christ,

Eric Jon Phelps

Order Vatican Assassins III
Eric Jon Phelps

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Wise Words

"The truth is only strange when you’ve been indoctrinated with fiction."

"Optimism is denial, so face the facts…"

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