Want to fight this National ID card? More informations at:

was passed into law and signed by Bush in 2005. It failed to pass the
previous year, but was placed as a "rider" on the back of a military
and tsunami spending bill, the "Emergency Supplemental Appropriations
Act for Defense, the Global War on Terror, and Tsunami Relief" (Clever
as no one could vote against that Bill as the war in Iraq was
escalating and Asia had just been hit with a massive Tsunami). Deadline
for inacting has been extended from May 2008 to December 31st, 2009.
You can follow the State by State progress of the fight against the
Real I.D. Act at Real Nightmare,
a well constructed website devoted to the Real I.D. Act. Part of the
overall Big Picture, the REAL I.D. is part of the North American Union,
New World Order, Martial Law reality coming to the U.S. and more
specifically, your neighborhood. Supposedly voluntary legistlation for
the States, this law is anything but voluntary. Refusing to pass it
will leave a State and it’s citizens hanging out to dry. And by out to
dry, NO Federal Funding, Benefits, Social Security, Medicare, etc. NO
traveling to and from the State, NO planes, trains, ferries, Federal
highways, parks, etc. You need to be aware of what this means and what
your State is doing about it. Read The Wake Up Call for more information about the Big Picture.

REAL I.D. – Headlines

  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Chips) will be in all Real I.D.
    cards. Learn about RFID at Katherine Albrecht’s amazing site, Spy Chips

  • Tyranny and the Military Commissions Act by Jacob G. Hornberger LINK
  • Fascist America, in 10 Easy Steps by Naomi Wolf LINK


REAL ID – Archive

REAL ID – Videos

Additional Recommendation: America: Freedom to Fascism, by Aaron Russo



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