Thank you, guys. I don’t know what to say
because I know for a fact that recticuli will do what he said he will at the
bottom of this letter. If by any luck there are true Patriots left in the US of
A, please contact recticuli in the cc at:

Again, I do appreciate the work you are doing
for me, no matter the results because I am kinda used to apathy since November
3rd, 2004.



— On Mon, 10/13/08, Rachel Chamberlain wrote:
From: Rachel Chamberlain
Subject: Fwd: Hell on Earth;
Received: Monday, October 13, 2008, 11:55 PM

— In, recticuli wrote:

on Earth;

Gauntlet is Thrown",
it is obvious that there are but a few in the Veteran
movement, that are capable of "carrying the ball". One important
thing that you might be forgetting is that our Congress (both houses) don’t
give a rat’s rump about veterans, their families, and their survivors being
robbed blind by the V.A., and their cohorts, the National Veterans Service
Organizations (N.V.S.O.’s). We, as veterans, and the American public, have been
lied to, and cheated as well by the V.A. and their VVSO cohorts, and until we
recognize this problem, and take effective steps to combat and eradicate the
"Evil Empire", things will never change. It will only change, if we
make it change with "PUBLIC AWARENESS".


This Lady has been
put through pure hell here on earth, in these United States. DHS made things as
tough as they could on her and her now deceased husband, whom died during the

Marie and her
husband were kept apart for 19 of 24 months, due to the heinous sick psychotic
game that DHS was allowed to play with their lives, which was totally uncalled
for, especially where Marie’s part was concerned.

All though Ashley,
a qualified Reverend, D.D., Member of the Who’s/Who. has passed on to the other
side. I am trying to help her achieved the needed finances to give Ashley the
proper ceremony and send off, which he did not receive at the time of his

Interment/Inurnment Costs

There are no fees or costs for an interment or inurnment. The only
cost to the estate of the deceased is for any additional inscription that is
needed on an existing private monument after the interment or for a vault if
the next-of-kin should elect to provide for an outside container other that the
grave liner provided by the government

All costs associated with preparation of
the remains, casket or urn, and shipping of the remains to the Washington, DC
area are at the expense of the estate unless the deceased is currently on
active duty with a branch of the Armed Forces. Please check with your local VA
office and Social Security office to determine if any benefits are available
from either or both agencies.

Over the past two
years, I have had the pleasure of meeting and conversing with a very
intelligent Lady… This lady has acquired her Bachelor In Arts & her Master
of Psychology Degree , and a past member of the Order of Psychologists of
Quebec Province, Canada….

The Lady has no “criminal record”

She met a U.S.
serviceman by the name of Ashley McDonald Buchanan, Honorably discharged
veteran and over a period of time, they decided they were suited for one
another. They were married in Union County North Carolina, U.S. of A. Her
husband received many certificates/diplomas, obtained his Doctrine of Divinity
in Florida

“In general, marriages
which are legally performed and valid abroad are also legally valid in the
United States. It stands to reason that when a foreigner marries an American
citizen in the continental U.S. of A. That spouse becomes a legal citizen of
the United States of the state in the United States where the parties to the
marriage live. “

One must remember
that there have been many that have had problems with the department of
IMMIGRATION, which spans back for many, many years. Now things are even tougher
since the false flag of 9/11 2001… Now it appears that all immigrants are
“terrorists” as well as all the citizens of the continental united states.

In my lowly
opinion, these so called guardians of the land, seem to project that a clean
background does not even enter into the scenario of one’s previous work ethics,
or accomplishments, it appears that there is an abuse of the border guards
position of authority.

What I have come to
find out, this is a common everyday occurrence, which could possibly be one of
the main reasons the INS / ICE is so far behind in approving citizenship,
status for the many thousands that have already applied.

This, leads to
another thought, maybe this is how CONGRESS and the INS / ICE would like to
alleviate their incompetent performance thus far….

§ 1422.
Eligibility for naturalization

right of a person to become a naturalized citizen of the United States shall
not be denied or
because of race, sex or because such person is married.

Any person whose
“spouse” is a
citizen of the
United States, or any person who
obtained status as a lawful permanent resident by reason of his or her “
as a spouseor child
of a United States citizen who battered him or her or subjected him or her to
extreme cruelty, may be naturalized upon compliance with all the requirements
of this subchapter except the provisions of paragraph (1) of section of this
title if such person immediately preceding the date of filing his application
for naturalization has resided continuously, after being lawfully admitted for
permanent residence, within the United States for at least three years, and
during the three years immediately preceding the date of filing his application
has been living in marital union with the citizen spouse (except in the case of
a person who has been battered or subjected to extreme cruelty by a United
States citizen spouse or parent), who has been a United States citizen during
all of such period, and has been physically present in the United States for
periods totaling at least half of that time and has resided within the State or
the district of the Service in the United States in which the applicant filed
his application for at least three months.

Any person who is the
surviving spouse, child, or parent of
a United States citizen, whose citizen
spouse, parent, or child dies during a period of
honorable service in an active duty status in the Armed Forces of the United
States and who, in the case of a surviving spouse, was
living in marital union with the citizen
spouse at the time of his death, may be naturalized upon compliance with all
the requirements (
she has been in compliance with all (DHS)
) of this subchapter except that no prior residence or
specified physical presence within the United States, or within a State or a
district of the Service in the United States shall be required. For purposes of
this subsection, the terms “United States citizen” and “citizen spouse” include
a person granted posthumous citizenship under

Posthumous; Work on which
original copyright has been taken out by someone to whom literary property
passed before publication. Shapiro Bernstein & Co. v. Bryan, C.C.A.N.Y.,
123 F2d 697, 699

way of marriage into the bloodline of a citizen), considered as though born.

Any person who;

(5) who declares before
the Attorney General in good faith an intention to take up residence within the
United States immediately upon termination of such employment, may be
naturalized upon compliance with all the requirements of this subchapter except
that no prior residence or specified period of physical presence within the
United States or any State or district of the Service in the United States, or
proof thereof, shall be required.

Ladies & Gentlemen, would you be so kind as to DONATE what one can Spare,
to the goal of giving a wife of an HONORABLY DISCHARGED VETERAN the needed help
for an honorable and proper burial for her late husband.

I now
place this challenge before all VETERANS and True Patriots. Donate what you can
or meet my challenge of $50…

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UCC 1-103, 1-105, 1-207.

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specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material
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to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included
information for research and educational purposes.



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