My goal is to Honor my late husband,

Reverend A. M. B., D.D.
with a proper commemoration of who he was
before going back to Canada….

My leitmotiv: "The liberty in Christ…or the death"!
In the Service of the Truth until death. (Jn. 14:6)

A. M. B., D.D.
06/19/57 – 12/05/06

I am the group owner of:


needed to do is to do whatever I can to get out of my living hell and
that is including to send a research I did concerning what my late
husband ancestors, Reverend A.M.B., D.D. When A___. died, I was on the
way to have a heart failure because one of the main symptoms is
shortness of breath and God knows how my breath was short and now it is
back with the fact that US Immigration is playing with me again because
I can not escape the reality I am in (and I am a potential prey in my
situation) and I am not looking to marry an American even if my late
husband was a Wonderful American simply because I am living tyranny
here for 4 years and I want to escape it.

reason why I would love to get this attention particularly from
brothers and sisters in Christ (and from the American population for
their own sake) is because I need to do a commemoration ceremony at my
husband’s grave and I can not even buy a decent monument and I am not
afraid to go to the alternative medias because my ultimate goal is to
help brothers and sisters in Christ to escape this horrible death
coming soon in Concentration Camps (Rev. 20:4) even if I would put mine
in line because after all, I am actually dying in my mess but God wants
to deliver me from it. I am in this hole because I wanted to sue these
criminals who did not help A___ at all to say the least.

do not have high level of stress but it is continued stress since Nov.
3rd, 2004 because the story began by being separated at the borders
even if we were a married couple which means that they did not respect
their own Immigration laws.

here is the discovery of who A___’s parents and ancestors were based on
1) his papers that he had; 2) and based on what he told me; and 3)
based on my own research of the New World Order and Illuminati.

Proofs that my late husband’s ancestors were
Knights of the Garder
The Line of Wise–?cq=1&p=485–?cq=1&p=487–?cq=1&p=489–?cq=1&p=491–?cq=1&p=493

Proofs that this Line of Wise is a reliable document–?cq=1&p=495–?cq=1&p=496–?cq=1&p=497–?cq=1&p=498

I decided to compare the informations I had with this website:

and here are the results:

the website: "First found in Devonshire where they were seated
anciently as Lords of the manor of Greston, at the time of the Conquest
in 1066".

A___’s papers: He is a direct descent of no:2 of the Line of Wise that
I provided you: "William Wise de Greston. He was a descendant of a
Saxon family who resided in the West of England prior to the Normand
conquest in 1066"



From the website: "Thousands
of English families in this era began to emigrate the New World in
search of land and freedom from religious and political persecution.
Although the passage was expensive and the ships were dark, crowded,
and unsafe, those who made the voyage safely were rewarded with
opportunities unavailable to them in their homeland.
Research into passenger and immigration lists has revealed some of the very first Wises to arrive in North America: Humphrey Wise settled in Massachusetts in 1620; Hanna Wise settled in Virginia in 1655; Christopher Wise settled in the Barbados in 1680; Will Wise settled in Georgia in 1755".

From A___’s papers: He is a direct descent of no: 17: "John Wise of Sydenham. Born in 1617 and died in 1695 at Clifton, Accomac County, Virginia. Immigrated to America on the ship "Transport" in 1635. Married
Hannah Scarborough, daughter of Col. Edmund Scarborough, a son of Capt.
Edmund Scarborough. He was a party to the Northampton Protest i 1632,
justice of Accomac Court in 1668, and signed the Accomac Memorial in

the compiler of this record, p. 4, point 7 "Brantley Oneal (Neal), born
at Amboy, Turner County, Georgia, on March 2, 1912. I am the compiler
of this record, I am unmarried and live in Mesa, Arizona" did not "buy"
what the genealogist in Palm Beach, Florida told him (he was Wise,
right:-) lol then I have all the reasons to believe his phrase on page
number 2 sent to A___’s mother parents, H. A. M. or A___’s
grandparents, Irving and Yulee Morgan located at 542 E. Fifty-Seventh
St., Savannah, Georgia, 31405: "The information was secured from the
best of references, is far more complete and accurate. As you will
note, it goes back prior to the year 1066, or more than 900 years"
"Sincerely, Neal".
I thought as soon as I got these papers to meet the compiler of this
record but he is most likely dead by now because born in 1912 so he
would be 96 now.

I must add that it was said from the website: "Research into passenger and immigration lists has revealed SOME of the very first Wises to arrive in North America this phrase does not mean that this list is INCLUSIVE that is including ALL the very first Wises to arrive in North America but SOME of the very first.

My Late husband’s Twin from Another Era – This is NOT a Joke
Look for yourself ! So that means that there was "inbreeding"

particular group has prominent ancestors that are inbreeding? The only
reasonable, rationale, intelligent conclusion I can come to is that
A___ was in a Royalty line from Europe (based on my researches about
this New World Order and based on what Ashley told me and based on the
compiler of record who said this:
England to be precise according to the compiler of this record, Neal
Brantley Oneal Thompson, informations that goes back to the year 1066,
or more than 900 years from this letter sent to A___ grandparents or to
H. A. M.’s parents who was A___’s mother and also told me that he was a
descendant of US President Woodrow Wilson, 33rd degree Mason (from the
Line of Wise I provided above, his mother’s side).

The researchers of the truth like us know that US President George Bush
have family connections with the Prince of Wales or Prince Charles so
the connection between US Presidents and European Royalty is not that
difficult to establish.

also told me that when he was a young adult, he refused power, fame,
money, prestige presented on a silver plate by his father who was
obviously a disciple of Aleister Crowley by possessing books that most
folks don’t have in their personal library and talismans and trying to
sexually abuse his own son when he was a kid by giving him drugs first
but that never worked out so each time that Ash was refusing this pig’s
animal instincts, he was seriously beaten.

He told me also
something else about US Presidents on his father’s side but I don’t
have any proof of that so I can not talk about it even if I fully
believe what A___ told me because the last thing I need right now in my
current position/situation is to look like “esoterical” type of person.

it is clear from all these INFORMATIONS I HAVE that My A___ was a
SOVEREIGN DECENT. I also have all the reasons to believe his words but
he DECIDED to do like Moses ~ to refuse all the privileges presented on
a silver plate ~ and take care of his nation and that is why he became
a Reverend and a Pastor.

My goal is to honor my late husband, Reverend A. M. B., D.D. with a proper commemoration of who he was (he
died quick and that was so quick that he did not even know that he was
dying and that was a surprise to me also so I only did what I could at
that time)
but mostly to preach the gospel on his grave and the more "we" (we in general) do noise the more we will get people there. I
also want to tell how the government "loves" you to "death" because VA
and Immigration is the government and I know this NWO PRETTY WELL BY


I want to make these informations available to the public in order to help my Dear Americans.

In the Service of America
while being literally trashed like the real Jesus was
by the government and the populace,



p.s. I
need to get the informations out before the NWO will do what they want
with me – well they already do what they want because on 18 months / 24
months, I only had a green card or temporary resident card for 7 months
so I am by foot or on my non-well-adjusted bike. And of course, no work
permit so I went through hell with US Immigration, VA hospitals, A___’s
subsequent death and the family not only not caring at all but also
stealing my furnitures and worthy books because A___ did not have the
time to write a testament for me (that was a surprise for himself that
his life was already over at 49 years old and only being able to be
with me for only 5 1/2 months ~ instead of at least 20 years like we
thought) so "somebody" broke in the garage door and stole everything
A___ wanted me to get ~ and US Immigration robbed us 19 precious months
and if you will go to the source below at the bottom of the post, you
will have an idea of what happened to me once my husband died – you can
bet I was harassed and victimized not only by the US government so I am
out of breath again (after A___’s death I was out of breath) and this
is a sure sign of being on a way to have a heart failure….

mentioning that the family "loves" me to "death" and here is the proof
of that because as a "co-sponsor", not only she did absolutely nothing
for me even if she known that I was about to be homeless after my
husband’s death but to top all of it off, she asked me to reimburse:

1) what her own husband gave to me from his pockets after his death (500$);

2) and to reimburse her the 500$ she gave me at my husband’s funerals as well as;

3) to ask me to reimburse the 323$ she spent to send A___’s books to
A__ by arguing that my husband told he would reimburse her but I could
not do otherwise because she removed the money from the little check I
was about to receive with her attorney’s help ~ so I am really "loved"
to "death" and I am not talking here about what A___’s son did to me
but I might add it below:

— On Fri, 5/23/08, Anne wrote:
From: Anne
Subject: RE: Money off house
To: m
Received: Friday, May 23, 2008, 3:04 PM

when my brother asked me to send them he said I will pay you back one
day, but if it were not for Stephen doing this I would not ask for
anything anyway!

From: [mailto:m]
Sent: Friday, May 23, 2008 2:58 PM
To: Anne
Cc: Anne
Subject: RE: Money off house

course, if there would be no money left I don’t know how I could even
reimburse you part of the money you guys gave to me at A___’s funerals
– 500 $ Merk and 500 $ you. (500 $ was from Merk’s own pockets – from
your own mouth) I have no idea as my finances are already not in red
but black at this point. I don’t understand why you want me to
reimburse you the money you spent to send A___’s books since it is
A____ himself who asked you to do that for him but I sincerely don’t
have the energy to fight over this.

— On Fri, 5/23/08, Anne wrote:

From: Anne
Subject: RE: Money off house
To: m
Received: Friday, May 23, 2008, 8:41 AM

don’t know. Maybe something will work it out for you. I guess would be
hard to walk in there when you do not live close. After the money thing
is straight, if you want I can call them if you have there number and
ask myself if there is anyway to still get that lot or is it for real
already sold. I will be glad to find that out, I wish I had the $300 to
send them but I don’t.

From: [mailto:m]
Sent: Thursday, May 22, 2008 5:58 PM
To: Anne
Subject: RE: Money off house

My happiness is only coming to serve the Lord and know that my body will be besides A___ in the Presence of the Lord.
I am not even in the NY state so I wonder how this could be done and I need the few money I have left to eat.

— On Thu, 5/22/08, Anne wrote:

From: Anne
Subject: RE: Money off house
To: m
Received: Thursday, May 22, 2008, 5:05 PM

I am so sorry! Wonder if you were to walk in there with the money in hand would they tell you the same thing? I am sorry.

From: [mailto:m]
Sent: Thursday, May 22, 2008 4:21 PM
To: Anne
Cc: Anne
Subject: RE: Money off house

Dear Anne,

I already lost my place besides A___ because I could not pay in April
08 so they already told me that it would be lost forever. It’s just too
late now but when the Lord will resurrect my body and his at the first
resurrection, we will be joined together so we might not be joined 6
feet under the ground but in the Presence of the Lord and my home in
Heaven is not lost. Sorry if I am brief, the Lord gave me work to do
online about the coming Martial Law worldwide and the coming bloodbath
in the US.

In His Service,


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