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Dear Mr. Flora:
Here is my synopsis. I will get a IMO. See attached and email presentation of the synopsis.
Thank you for your kind attention.
Marie M. Buchanan

Introduction :

My husband told me at the middle of November 2006 that the 8th floor of the Albany VA Medical Center was under investigation.

Development :
A) Even
if his case was considered urgent (within 24 hours) I had to do
pressure to get a bed in a VA hospital (we finally got a bed at the
Albany VA Medical Center on Nov. 19th, 2006) and he had the time to
suffocate twice with all this liquid in his lungs before his transfer;


B) They
saw he was seriously ill but they did not put him first on a liver
transplant list which would be the first thing to do when you know the
person is having a ill liver. As an indication, Ash
thought his liver condition was better than his brother-in-law who has
a liver disease too simply because he was already on a liver transplant
C) After
they discovered the hepatitis C in October 2006 they should give Ashley
the appropriate medicine and that would at least control the damages
made to the liver while waiting « forever » to get this tips procedure
– in fact, Ash got this procedure done a week before (Nov. 17th, 2006)
his hospital release (Nov. 22nd, 2006);

D) There was a huge difference of my husband’s condition before going to this VA hospital and after.

did not put him on a low protein diet first (instead of a liquid diet)
–the change of diet occurred when it was already too late at the end of
the hospitalization – which was a must because his liver wasn’t able to
manage a large amount of proteins properly. Excess protein puts undue
stress on the kidneys and the liver and this is causing this toxic
product called ammonia. This may put a person at risk for serious
health problems, including encephalopathy or hepatic coma. Abnormally
high levels can also cause problems, including inflamed kidneys and
back pain and I remember Ashley complaining about a back pain.

ammonia level became totally out of control (going as high as 393 so he
could surely die) and this never happened before at home. His
kidneys were fine before his hospitalization at the Albany VA Medical
Center but they were in a bad shape after his release from this
hospital as Dr. Nimesh Desai told us on Nov. 28th, 2006; since his
kidneys were fine before his hospitalization I am deducting that even
if his liver was ill it was able to manage the proteins he was taking
in low quantity/good quality at home; (I won’t comment the quality of
the food at the VA for now)

E) Ashley
never had to take the lactulose at home to control his ammonia level in
his body and he had to take lactulose on a regular basis after his
transfer to this VA Medical Center and had to have lactulose at home
after his hospital release. So his ammonia level became out of control during and after this hospitalization.
On the Veterans Day last year, (Nov. 11th, 2006) they
were supposed to check his ammonia level simply because his level was
high (140) Nov. 9th, 2006 and Nov. 10th the ammonia level was still at
100 (as a reference, about 75 begins to be dangerous for most people)
before and Dr. James County did not check it even if I insisted. The day after, my husband was at the intensive care unit in the coma. (the
doctor called me at 10 :15 a.m. at the Fisher House I used from Nov.
3rd to Nov. 22nd 2006, the date of Ash’s release) That is true that
Ashley refused the lactulose but when I saw that I was not heard by Dr.
County I showed to Lori Bobersky who as the social worker a proof that
my husband was not himself because he sticked his chewing gum at the
middle of a brand new newspaper so this was a sure proof of
encephalopathy plus I also showed to Mrs. Bobersky who was supposed to
have a cue about temporary mental problems because she was a social
worker that my husband was having a catatonic (rigid) position on his
bed for hours, having his head between his two hands and looking to a
rigid point in the space for countless minutes, at least 30 minutes and
he was very far from being a catatonic schizophrenic so I proved by
these two events that something was deadly wrong with him so of course
with this encephalopathy he was not able to take a right decision about
the lactulose and that is why I asked the nurse to keep the lactulose
aside for later. They are quick to say that he refused to
take his lactulose but I told Dr. Konstantin Timofeev at the ICU that
they failed to check his ammonia level like they were supposed to after
the last episode at 140.
F) They
gave him Morphine and this drug is non-indicated when your liver is not
working properly and it was written in his records that he was allergic
to it anyway – or his ammonia level went to the roof and/or he reached
a dangerous level of poisoning (about 200) and the proof is that all he
was able to say was a serial number like : what is your first name? 2-4-6. what is your last name? 2-4-6. What is your birthdays? 2-4-6, etc… He missed by very few the coma. Ash even mentioned to them that the Morphine was hurting his vision and was knocking him out. Even the nurse I spoke with on the phone was agree that Ashley was in danger;

Ashley was scared to death to be sent back to a VA Medical Center (and
I don’t blame him at all) even in his very bad state on Nov. 28th, 2006
when he was at the Massena Memorial Hospital;
the reason why I waited two (2) days is that I tried all I could to
make my husband feel better and it did not work so I did not have the
choice to send him by ambulance to the Massena Memorial Hospital
because I known that I couldn’t save his life at home and I known he
was in a dangerous state)

H) Ash
became yellow four (4) days after his hospital release and he died
eight (8) days after his hospitalization to the Massena Memorial

I) Ash met Christopher H. Lowery, VA patient advocate on Nov. 15th and I wrote to him on Nov. 16th that : «
I am truly scared to leave to go back home for just a couple of days to
take care of what would ease my husband’s mind (and coming back to
Albany right after) simply because of what happened. Most folks are dying at 393 ammonia level ».

Ashley’s death, I communicated with Congressman John M. McHugh on
December 19th 2006 to complain about the bad services received at the
Albany VA Medical Center and also the VA office at the Massena Memorial
Hospital. I did complain to a U.S. Official – without mentioning that I
complained also to Congressman Ron Paul on January 7th, 2007 but did
not receive a reply.

Ash waited the medical approbation to be discharged. Below are the replies from the director of the VA and the Congressman McHugh :
director of the VA from the Stratton VA Medical Center, Marie-Helene
Piche, Fache told to the Congressman McHugh on April 5th, 2007 this:

« Rev. Buchanan presented to Stratton VAMC suffering from several liver related conditions that left him seriously ill. During
his inpatient stay,, Rev. Buchanan had extensive diagnostic workups but
was not agreeable to further testing needed to determine his
qualification as a candidate for liver transplant. Rev. Buchanan stated to staff his wish to have his care transferred to a VAMC in Florida and sought discharge ».

May I respectfully disagree? They
wanted to test if Ashley had liver cancer to see if they will put him
on a liver transplant list or not at the very end of his
hospitalization instead of at the very beginning. Ash had
more than enough of the type of care he was receiving without
mentioning the fact that it took a very long time to have this TIPS
procedure done – at least a month to wait on a hospital bed for this
and having this type of food to eat.

Congressman McHugh told me this on April 26th, 2007 – his exact words:
« I believe you will find her comments self-explanatory ».
My comments : Your belief was very far from the truth, Sir………

Conclusion :

know Mr. Flora that other horrible things happened to my husband but
they are not recorded in the medical files so I did not mention them
but they are written in my journals like for example Dr. Ming Fey Luo
told me also (like my husband did) that he had this big intervention
(tube inserted in his body) without a painkiller at that is further to
the fact that Ash asked for a painkiller after this painful chirurgical
procedure and they gave him the Morphine which caused a dangerous level
of poisoning mentioned before.
the Albany VA Medical Center are not competent enough to help ill
patients like my husband was then they should just take care of what is
not above their level of competency i.e. minor health problems.

Marie M. Buchanan, M.Ps.

Researcher, Webmaster, Pastor-Assistant, Translator, Blogger


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