Slave Today Freeman Tomorrow – Something My Dear Americans want to seriously consider


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Explore  Legal Docs for the Sovereign Citizen

              Including important info about Income Tax and IRS

Break the Chains of being a 14th Amendment U.S. Citizen  

Slave Today Freeman Tomorrow

Don’t Want A National ID Card

Prevent Government Micro-Chipping

The first step is to
present a Petition for Acknowledgement of Rights to the appropriate
court in your County. The goal is to get an order from a District Court
Judge, acknowledging your right to be known by your Sovereign 
Christian Name and not your corporate post 14th Amendment Name, given
to you by birth.

We will provide the
Petition and accompanying exhibits to present to the court. We cannot
promise postive results from the judge in your county but similar
petitions have worked in the past. The legal docs we provide are
updated and provide you a means to try and obtain your sovereignty.

The U.S. government has placed many chains
and unknown legally binding contracts on you since birth due to the
14th Amendment. As we said the first step, is to get back your true
Christian name. Once that is accomplished, many other chains need to be
broken and we can help provide the documents to begin your quest.

Information on other pages will help you
understand the entire issue of sovereignty, Christian name recognition,
its importance and the 14th Amendment’s clauses binding you to
corporate citizenship.


The organizers of this web site are
not lawyers and not licensed to practice law in any state within the
United States or any other jurisdiction. The information presented here
is not to be construed as giving legal advice but merely informing the
public of their rights and providing educational assistance which may
help having those rights recognized.


To Order Your Petition For Acknowlegement of Sovereign Christian Name email or If you prefer calling, dial 509-242 9681


Documents will be individually mailed to each recipient and costs will be discussed before docs are sent.


                                      IRS Problems

       We Can Also Help You Understand Your Rights 

                   (See Menu On Left For Tax Pages)

 Note: This web site name will soon be changed to but for the time being use the above address



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