RE: Letter – 2

only I will add that his father served the military but I will post the
proof of it – Ash’s birth certificate. Born on Fort Dix Military Base,
New Jersey.

Please help. I know that my health is affected
with all the stress I went through since Nov. 3rd, 2004 but thank God,
I did not have a heart attack (or angina) yet. I
do what I can with my energy left. There is nothing I did not try,
except this specific plan but I decided to expand the publication to
all my blogs and groups.

That would be so great if the
folks who messed with Ash for nothing would lose their job (because
they are continuing to do other victims) but I am dreaming in colors.

I am posting Ash’s birth certificate as a proof that his father was in
the military because born on a US base and I will send you the link.


Thursday January 17, 2008 – 06:57am PST

RE: Letter

just saw this email. Ashley told me "things" but I could not publish
them before finding proofs in his belongings and I had the courage to
go through recently to find this out. I scanned everything because that
is the only documents I have so I wanted to make sure that won’t be
eventually destroyed. I am deadly serious dear. All I want is to be
delivered from the slavery… Just to stop to be the "dung" of the
nation for a change… Please check my last post I did concerning the
letter I sent to Leon Kilkenny
at http://www.reformation.org

I need good advices if possible…


————-Rex wrote:

> Just read the letter….. Is that supposed to be his
bloodline?…. Here the stickler… If his parents were serving in the
military (which appears to be the case..)


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