Brantley Oneal (Neal), born at Awboy, Turner County, Georgia, on March
2, 1912, the compiler of this record, who lived in Mesa, Arizona wrote
to Hazel Anne Morgan’s parents, (Ashley’s mother) Yulee and Irving
Morgan on Feb. 13th, 1965 this:
(letter attached)

"Since writing to you last June (the letter was forwarded by Claudine
with genealogical information), Fred and I have unearthed considerably
more information on the Wise Line. As you will note some changes have
been made. This was necessary due to false information furnished by a
genealogist in Palm Beach, Florida. It seems she was far more
interested in turning a fast buck than in furnishing accurate
information. William Wise was not born in Scotland and neither was his
wife Margaret Colding. He was born in Accomac County, Virginia, and was
a descendant of John Wise of Sydenham, Devonshire, England, who
immigrated to this country on the ship "Transport" in 1635. The Wise
family are of Saxon lineage – not Scotch. I have a color replica of the
family coat-of-arms which is hanging on the wall of Glady’s dining
room. Please destroy the record previously furnished. It is worthless.
Keep this one in its stead. The information was secured from the best
of references, is far more complete and accurate. As you will note, it
goes back prior to the year 1066, or more than 900 years".

So that means that I have all the reasons to believe what Ash told me
(and I never doubt his words) that his mother, Hazel Anne Morgan is a
descendant of the US President Woodrow Wilson simply because of her
ancestors. US Presidents are not coming from "nowhere" – they are
coming from a noble family who had a lot of power.

follow part 8 (the second page of this letter) and part 9 (a copy of
the envelope sent to Hazel’s parents, Yulee and Irving Morgan.

Thank you for your interest and I do hope that will contribute to my
deliverance of my actual slavery state because even if US Immigration
are the ones who messed with us and with US Immigration laws, I am the
one who needs to prove my innocence concerning this change of status
from temporary US resident to permanent US resident because that is not
the US laws applied to a legal Immigrant (you are innocent until the
proof of the contrary) but the British laws i.e you are guilty until
the proof of the contrary and that is why we need to furnish to them a
lot of proofs that this marriage was not a marriage of convenience and
God knows that all I had with Ash was 5 1/2 months and that he was on
his way to die when they finally sent me my Immigrant Visa on June
12th, 2006 so we did not go anywhere (not even in a Christian church)
except Wal-Mart to buy food. If my heart would blow up in spite of my
efforts, then what can I do since I am doing more than my very best to
continue to live? God is looking over me, no matter what and if I’d
join God and Ash sooner than I want, then I’d be where I belong and be
eternally happy.

Marie Buchanan, M.Ps.


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