Dear Stew Webb:

My name is Marie Buchanan, M.Ps.

and I am glad to have you as a member of my group since Apr 9, 2005
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Stewart Webb · 51 · Male
Independence, Missouri…

quote: "They have over the Centuries had a tight, closed, inbreeding of
their own kind. The Queen of England and The so called “ROYALTY” is a
perfect example of in breed idiots".

I understand you perfectly well and here’s why:

of all, I was under the Queen of England as a Quebecois from Canada and
I can tell you that I did a research about her and I know that she is
involved in Satanism and that she is a loser going straight in hell if
she won’t repent and she most likely won’t.

My late husband told
me that he was the real Prince of Scotland and once his father died in
Feb. 2004, he became the real King of Scotland. The reason why I tend
to believe this is because Ashley was a descendant of land owners and
slave owners (I am sorry about this) the Knights of the Garter – the
line of Wise. (I know they were powerful Roman Catholics and I am far
from being a Roman Catholic)

Also that when he was a young
adult, Ash told me that he was offered on a silver plate fame, money
and success because his father wanted him to become a 33rd degree Mason
but Ash wanted to do like the average American Citizen i.e. to work to
gain success by his own efforts and he became a Minister instead (he
got a D.D. degree, was a permanent teacher and a member of the
Prestigious Who’s Who)
I am proud that he refused what most folks would accept. Ash also told
me (and his sister Anne) that he was a descendant of James Buchanan,
33rd degree Mason (well, I know that he never married and officially he
did not have children but that does not mean that he did not slept with
any women because he did and this is documented) and that he was a
descendant of Woodrow Wilson on his mother’s side who is most likely a
descendant of the Wise family.

Since I am not heard about
something that I can prove i.e. that he was a descendant of land
owners, then I tend to just send you the informations without the
proofs (except the links of Ash’s certificates) because I don’t want to
dream in colors and with all the punches I received on my face because
of the Immigration businesses in Canada and America, I even have
difficulty to dream in black and white but I do an effort to continue
to dream because I know God is good.

Stew, I am a true Christian
by the Grace of God and I would love to do a difference in US and I
wonder what I can do since my husband could not enter at war with
Prince Charles (according to his words) because as you might guess,
this Satanist Fake Prince Charles have his army.

I had to tell
that to somebody because I believe with all my heart what my husband
told me and also I am tired to have a hard time with US Immigration
because I am a legal Educated Immigrant from Quebec, Canada. (If I
would be an Illegal Bean Picker from Mexico speaking only Spanish, that
would be of course different)

If you won’t reply, I would
understand that you think I am an "illuminated" one but not an
Illuminati but I need to have guts if I want my life to change for the
better because I am tired to be treated like a scapegoat and a black
sheep by US Immigration. I am just having faith in the God of the Bible
– the only and true God – who brought me in America (His hand is behind
everything that happened to me) and if ever I would have some kind of
power, I would use it for doing godly things even if that would cost my
life by doing so. I can not become a Congresswoman because I am an
Immigrant. Please tell me what your suggestions are. I am far from
being crazy, I always believed my husband and he always told me the
truth and this is the base of this letter/email and I was right to
believed him and believed in him.

I can tell you without a
shadow of a doubt that Rev. Ashley McDonald Buchanan, D.D. is in Heaven
since Dec. 5th, 2006 and that means that his life was a success even if
he died poor and all he could afford was the VA hospital which is below
a second class health care. God kept me from the sidewalk because it is
where I am supposed to be and maybe I would be dead today without His
care because I had no collaboration of US Immigration and bills to pay.

In His Service,


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