My dear friends,

me what you think about what I said. Literally found Ashley’s twin –
part 1 is Ashley. Literally found Ashley’s twin – part 2 is his twin
from another era.

me the truth since you are an outsider and I think most of you will
tell me that they are identical except this hairstyle from another era
and the only other difference that
Ashley was 47 years old with a smile
and this man on the picture is about 20 years old with no smile but looking a nice person.

I was sure he was Ashley because same nose, same lips, same eyes, same face, same ears and same body type but my friend who knows photography told me it can not be Ashley even if both are identical except the age difference, the face expression and the hairstyle.

but true. I am waiting Ash’s sister reply about the Wise family because
I found their genealogical line with the old pictures so they are
surely in link but I don’t know how linked they are/were. The Wise
family have as ancestors the Knights of the Garter

Thank you in advance for your reply and my
friend is not only a great artist but he knows very well about
photography and he is a eye witness that I did absolutely nothing to
the picture to look old – it is just a old picture AND I AM VERY FAR
FROM DOING A BAD JOKE BECAUSE I LOST MY CHARMING KNIGHT 11 MONTHS AGO. (check my 360 titled since I created it: Marie Loves Her Knight Ashley)
will find Ash’s ancestors for sure. What I do know for now is that he
is a descent of the U.S. President James Buchanan and Mr. Buchanan was
a 33rd degree Mason.



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