Dear Tom Buchanan

is more fascinating, friend. I recently discovered that my husband’s
ancestors were Knights of the Garter. Please read my two links below
carefully and you will see by yourself if you would check the first
page titled: Line of Wise. Only 800 years ago, they were LORDS, land

just don’t know for now if it is on his father’s side or on his
mother’s side because both are possible since Ashley was descent of
U.S. President James Buchanan (maybe his brother? or maybe Mr. Buchanan
had illegitimate children, I don’t know) and his mother was descent of
U.S. President Woodrow Wilson – it is what my husband told me and this
is really making sense since his ancestors were powerful Lords. So I am
waiting the U.S. Historian Eric Phelps to communicate with me (I met
him in person – eric@vaticanassassins.org ) to know the answer but I kinda want to do what I can to discover this in the meantime.

I do know that to communicate with the Knights of the Garder is surely not a easy task so I need to make a very good plan IF it is possible to enter in communication with them.

need help if you wish to know the truth and it is not about my mental
health. The way things are working with U.S. Immigration, I am a black
sheep (everybody – I mean everybody – is giving me advices like they
would think I am some kind of nut) because I just got what I needed
after 15 months to drive my car and I was 12 months without being able
to work and even 7 months without having a valid legal paper to do
anything in the U.S. I am tired of the black sheep’s role and God knows
I am not worth that and I don’t want my Ash to suffer all he passed
through with Citizenship and Immigration Canada, U.S. Immigration, VA
hospital and the last private hospital like nothing would happen.
Immigration from both countries broke our lives and our plans (forced
separation for 19 months when I don’t even have a criminal record and
when in fact they were not supposed to separate a married couple
according to their own laws) and the VA hospital trashed his liver and
I have all the papers to prove what I am saying and since I got a
Master degree that proves that I am intelligent enough to know what I
am talking about. They separated us on Nov. 3rd, 2004 so I lived a
temporarily separation and as soon as we were reunited on June 16th,
2006 I was about to live the definitive separation on Dec. 5th, 2006
i.e. 5 1/2 months after.

I am extenuated because I am living
hell since 3 years and I am doing all I can to see my life to change
and worse case scenario, I’ll go back to Quebec, Canada where I don’t
need to "lick their shoes" to have the permission to go to work and to
drive my own car.

So my dear there is problems in Canada and U.S. Welcome to the New Word Order.

Thank you,

Marie Buchanan

Tom Buchanan <twbuchanan@tiscali.co.uk> wrote:

Hi Marie
Thank you for your fascinating e-mail about your late husband and his ancestry.
I understood that President James Buchanan never married, although I am ready to admit that I may have been mis-informed!
cannot see how the Buchanan Society can help you to trace your late
husband’s ancestors but, for Scotland, I would suggest that you try
going on the web site for the Births, Marriages and Deaths in Scotland
at www.scotlandspeople.gov.uk
Best wishes
Tom Buchanan

Marie M. Buchanan, M.Ps.
Researcher, Webmaster, Pastor-Assistant, Translator, Blogger


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