By Marie Buchanan
Ashley’s wife

to esoteric symbols and according to Alex Jones, the symbolism at the
Government of Ottawa means an huge insult to the French Canadians: "we
have the symbol of French Canadians under our control and it is the
Queen of England, the House of Windsor who rules here" Look at the
licorn if you can but if you can’t, here’s the link:

The licorn has a chain around its neck like strangled and the tongue
out of its mouth like a dead licorn. That is representing the French
Canadians. Look at the lion now – far more impressive, right? So that
make sense that would mean:

"we have the symbol of French Canadians under our control and it is the Queen of England, the House of Windsor who rules here" like Alex is stating.

That could explain why I fought 19 months for absolutely nothing though
– I was "just" a French. (Ashley told me when he was in his cell he
understood the Immigration agent was racist and the most condescendant
towards a French and even if Ashley did not really know the French
language he understood what she was saying and because of the way she
spoke to me) This research is just one of my plans – and I have plenty.
(by the way – and this is written anywhere – if you are English, male
and white chances are you’ll have better promotions than a French,
female and black which is the harder situation you could be in to get a
promotion i.e. it will be harder for you to get a promotion – far from
me to be a racist)
THIS IS A VERY GOOD HYPOTHESIS TO STUDY AT THIS POINT. I DON’T MEAN ANYTHING ELSE FOR NOW AND ALEX JONES IS NOT ME. This is a good hypothesis I wish to check out and if you have good cues, join in the new group I created.

America is in hell since 9/11 and WE THE PEOPLE need somebody to care
about the U.S. CONSTITUTION (believe me, I know by experience) – nobody
seems to care about what happened to My Ash until now , except myself.
I studied over a year Canadians and Americans and over about a thousand
men, Ashley won the contest. I am telling more about Ash at:

He did not win because he was American. He won because he was far
better than most Canadians and Americans. Ashley did not believe
because he was American he was god – part of the Americans are like
part of the French from France, they are believing they are the
nostrils of the world) so I am kind of living a cultural shock. There’s
almost 7 000 hits on my 360 and 99% who are in my groups and visitors
are Americans.

New group I created:…

1- Love the God of the Bible; 2 -Love Ash; – 3 – Love America; – 4 – Love Canada

(Canada at the very end because they mistreated and destroyed My Ash’s
reputation but does not mean I became a racist for that) What my
country is? America. I became an American when I became one flesh with
Ashley because he surely did not become a Canadian because of what
Canada did to him. There will never be a Canadian flag nor a Quebecois
flag on his grave as long as I shall live simply because Quebec did
nothing for Ash even if I petitioned like insane the Quebecois gov’t
for him. I am not a fool.

Marie M. Buchanan, M.Ps.

Researcher, Webmaster, Pastor-Assistant, Translator, Writer

p.s. Look at the Licorn – this is what Canada did to me but I am not
dead yet. And the solution for the French is not to separate from
Canada because they are actually in the way of the New World Order
which is good. Do not separate French ! But you should care about me
when it was the time to do so – I lost my Ash so you lost most of me
but I am not totally indifferent like you were towards us. French are
number 5 on my list. I could never beat your indifference anyway. 99%
of the folks who petitioned the Canadian government from Nov. 2004 to
about March 2006 were Americans. Don’t whine at me the
Quebecois/Quebecoise when you’ll look like this licorn even if that
won’t make me happy you’d suffer. I will be sorry for you even if you
sent me in hell but I was expecting that because most of the French are
Roman Catholics, ignorants and cowards – that’s just the plain truth.


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