July 6th,

Dear Congressman

I am so tired of U.S. Immigration.
I finally got somebody decent to teach me how to drive but guess what Sir? I
need the permanent resident card to be able to get my learner permit. Could you
please tell the Immigration guys to send my permanent resident card I went to
apply for at the end of April 2007 (I am too angry to remember the specific
date, sorry but I know I already told you) and Officer #### from #### forgot to
take my fingerprint and my sworn affidavit – if she is not an inexperienced
officer the likelihood is high she just wanted me to come back to #### instead
so I would lose my time and money I am used to lose with them since Nov. 3rd,
2004 because they did not apply their law for a married couple
so I had to go back with the few money I had on this day of May 11th, 2007.

They made my
temporary permanent card the same day I went there Sir but it was sitting
somewhere so I finally sent them an email asking them where this temporary pass
was at the end of May 2007 and you have the postmark of May 31st 2007 on my
original envelope at your office in Washington and I got this wonderful thing
they most likely known I would almost not be able to do anything with it
anyway. I was so angry I forgot to mention the Immigration guys in ###### did
not reply to my last email on June 8th, they are just ignoring me
and that’s typical of them ###### because they were doing the same thing to us
when we sent the Inquiry About Status of I-551 Alien Registration Card at the
###### Service Center on August 15th, 2006.

With all the
mistakes they did since Nov. 3rd, 2004, I have all the reasons to
believe they love to do a demonstration of how might
their power
is and I have all the proofs of what I am talking about like
for example this stupid request to ask to my husband, Rev. Ashley M. Buchanan,
D.D., member of the Who’s Who, permanent teacher, expert/genius of computer
science, poet, Honorably Discharged Vietnam Veteran and photograph who was born on a U.S. base (Fort Dix, New Jersey) and
served the U.S. navy to prove to them he was a U.S. Citizenship when in fact he
was more a U.S. Citizen than them anyway i.e. he was at least three times a
U.S. Citizen by the facts 1) he was; 2) was born on a U.S. base; 3) served the
U.S. Navy. By the way since my husband and I became one flesh and since he was
not well treated by my Country
(I fought like insane to make him enter at
least as a visitor going as far as meeting a Canadian official, the Member of
Parliament Marcel Proulx in person at his main office at Hull, Quebec, Canada) then I concluded since we were one flesh he surely did not
become a Canadian then I am the one who became an American. Every fiber of my
being and every aspects of my being is remembering Ashley. I am his soul-mate,
his second-half and this is to be taken literally.
Ash is my actual
drive even if he left for a far better world and God knows they’d finish me if
they’d drop me like a dog in Canada next May 10th, 2008 (according
to my temporary resident card) like they almost did one day before Ash’s burial
on December 11th, 2006 i.e. almost preventing me to bury my own
husband and the only reason it did not happen is because I mentioned that you,
Congressman ###### known my situation.

Please see
attached the law about getting a learner permit from DMV. I need this permanent
resident card a.s.a.p. (directives from the Department of Motor Vehicle in the
New York State) and I am tired of U.S. Immigration and believe me Sir, my
friends know about my story because this heart of mine is about to blow up
because of their pathetic power trip – how can I conclude otherwise? – and it
is my responsibility that if I think my health is seriously jeopardized by
these folks then I must speak out. And I can not function without a car here, I
can not even keep a job without a car here and these U.S. Immigration folks are
supposed to know how worth is a temporary resident card according to the New
York State laws so I have all the reasons to believe they just don’t want to
collaborate with me. Then I would most
definitively just prefer to deal with you ###### instead since you are really
collaborating with me then I could give you my new address when I’d move
because you have to report to the U.S. government when you are moving if you
are an Immigrant and I wish to continue to play the rules.

So if I won’t get
this permanent resident card a.s.a.p. Sir I will lose my driver’s motivation
because he is motivated to teach me how to drive now. I don’t want them to play
too much with my permanent resident card because they’d lose it and I’d have to
re-apply all over again.

A sincere thank
you for your collaboration, ######.

Marie Buchanan

Researcher, Webmaster,
Pastor-Assistant, Translator, Writer

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