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Sun, 27 May 2007 10:19:14 -0400

You need to read why I fired that person who wrote that.  Slander is slander.




I have no interest in your soap opera.


Jud, you send me any more of her trash take me off yours too.




From: Marie Buchanan []
Sent: Saturday, May 26, 2007 10:38 AM
To: Jud Witham;; touchof destiny
Cc:; Our groups;;;


To ALL Concerned:


I’ll tell you what happened and since my husband is dead, I have nothing left to lose.


The Immigration border agent Mona Scott is the one who most likely lied to the Canadian Officials about my husband because she did a stupid mistake so instead of admitting her stupid mistake, she preferred to destroy my husband’s reputation.  The reason why I know that is because of what Karl Schwarz heard, what Mrs. Leblanc at the Immigration office at Hull told me and also what Joseph Soares from the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructures and Communities (he was the political advisor of the Minister) told me on March 2006 concerning what he heard about my husband.  I don’t think Karl Schwarz, Joseph Soares and Mrs. Leblanc lied to me.  Mona Scott is the only one who had a "advantage" to lie concerning my husband because she was supposed to let Ashley pass according to the Amended Immigration Law, Paragraph 36 (2) (B) because 5 years were elapsed since the last DWI and the last DWI of my husband was almost 10 years ago. 


Dear Jud, I am not surprised at all.  Ashley and I were treated like terrorists on Nov. 3rd, 2004 and we did not see each other when HE NEEDED ME THE MOST BECAUSE HE WAS VERY SICK.  We did not see each other for 19 months so all we had left to live with each other was exactly 5 1/2 months.


When we were at the Prescott Port of Entry, they put my husband in a tiny jail for a good 4 hours removing all his pills like he would be a kid.  It was told to me it was the "procedure".  Ya right.  After, Mona Scott entered about 7:15 a.m. and even before going to her office so even before opening my husband’s file she told me:  "Ashley won’t enter Canada today" and she added in French:  "This is not a good new, doesn’t it"? in a condescending way.  Ashley understood from his cell she was racist towards a French Canadian.


Jud:  thank you for having the guts to tell the truth.  I am fighting until I’ll get my husband’s reputation restablished because I have his original file from North Carolina and there was nothing special in there and I could show that to the Minister of Immigration Canada.


By the way, since Karl W.B. Schwarz believed what he heard about my husband, I have all the liberty to believe what I heard about him online as well. 


In His Service,


Jud Witham <> wrote:

To ALL Comcerned:


My Family and I owned a 30 acre property in BC Canada yet were treated like TERRORISTS at the BC Border Station by Canadian Border Security.  My wife, children and I were THREATENED to withdraw applications for CITIZENSHIP were NEVER APPLIED FOR and were NOT allowed to go to our VACATION PROPERTY.  BS Border Security has REFUSED to provide us with even an ANSWER regarding WHAT they reviewed or what they were TOLD regarding us.  CAN you help ???


Judson Witham


Please more fully explain THE WAY "Deemed Undesirable" comes about !  How to CANADIAN OFFICIALS make such a DETERMINATION ?


Judson Witham

Marie Buchanan <> wrote:

Karl sent me two emails on December 5th, 2005 and this is the relevant one to the topic – sorry. 

Thank you for your comprehension. ..I tried to correct the mistake a.s.a.p….

============ ========= =======

Dear Karl W. B. Schwarz:


I am not emailing you to ask for help and I am not bothering you for long (I am not bothering God but I am bothering you) so I am keeping this email very simple.  All I want is to set the records straight with you.


1) My heart of Gold, my godly and intelligent husband (member of the Prestigious Who’s Who) Ashley McDonald Buchanan, with whom you spoke with on the phone at the beginning of our forced partition at the borders died December 5th, 2006;  in fact, he died exactly one year after the email you sent to me below.


2) I saw the original criminal file of my husband because he had nothing to hide from me.  When I was in Canada, I did not ask a copy of it even if the Officials (and you) told me Ashley was "deemed undesirable" because I known I could trust him, I known Ashley McDonald Buchanan.  He shown me where his criminal file was in case that would interest me but I did not care to go there while he was alive because I had no doubts in my mind.  I decided to take a little peak two months after his death and more in details April 1st.  There is nothing inside it to flag a red flag and please remember as a starting point Karl that Ashley left North Carolina State to be in New York State so that should indicate you something.


Somebody lied to the Officials you spoke with as well as the ones who spoke to me.  That is somebody who “needed” to lie and I think I know who is responsible – at least I know exactly where I would start an investigation if I would be a Canadian Official.  I CAN NOT ACCEPT THAT.


With the records I have with me, I could challenge the Minister of Immigration himself and that would be a child’s game if of course he would believe the U.S. Officials of North Carolina and their U.S. Official papers and if I would have a worthy witness with me – maybe a good camera crew – (not from Canada because except me, nobody cared about the rights and reputation of Reverend Ashley McDonald Buchanan, a U.S. Citizen from Nov. 3rd, 2004 to his death) at this interview but I do not have 68 U.S. millions invested in Canada for getting his attention.  No, I won’t send a copy of the certified copies of the originals with no careful attention simply because when Ashley submitted it in Canada, it automatically entered in a "distortion machine process" (I am not asking for your indirect help here, I am just exposing the fact that I am not the Queen of England nor the Prime Minister of Canada but I am precious in God’s sight and Ashley is definitively worth my determination inside my current situation and that is why I am setting the record straight with you, Mr. Karl W. B. Schwarz by sending you this email.  That’s all.


I hold nothing against you because God allowed me to understand exactly what happened but I am extremely angry towards the ones who messed our lives all right for nothing and I trust God to give them natural consequences like to lose their job because they are not worth of this position since these were on their little stupid power trip.


Bottom line is:  I want you to know that Ashley was a very good person with a little criminal file.  I was most definitively right to have admiration for him even if Satan was really against us and I am most definitively right to continue my fight for what happened to him. 

I am most definitively heart broken.


Standing for the Truth and the Justice by Jesus, my Lord and Savior

Marie Buchanan

Karl W B Schwarz <kwbschwarz@comcast. net> wrote: From: "Karl W B Schwarz" <kwbschwarz@comcast. net>
To: "’Marie Buchanan’" <marielovesashley@>
Subject: RE: OPINION RELEASE: Karl Schwarz: Resigning from the 2008 Race
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2005 19:25:11 -0500

I made many contacts on your behalf and even explained to you that Canada has deemed Ashley as undesirable.  Why, I do not know and he would not say.


It seems that the two of you need to figure something else out rather than swimming upstream.   Mexico ?  Caribbean ?




From: Marie Buchanan [mailto:marielovesa shley@yahoo. ca]
Sent: Monday, December 05, 2005 7:02 PM
To: kwbschwarz@comcast. net
Cc: reverend.buchanan@
Subject: Fwd: OPINION RELEASE: Karl Schwarz: Resigning from the 2008 Race




Quote:  "My grandfather once told me that the measure of a man is the strength of his enemies". 


Well, it is true for us as well.  I think we are facing satan himself.


I am not your enemy but you truly don’t care about us, Sir.  Ashley called you and you made him feel not welcome because Mister Schwarz was too much busy to take the time to talk to him. 


Do you think we have a second life to live?  I have only one life to live like you so I’ll stop here.


Since your Lady is from another country, I hope you won’t experience what we are experiencing yet…that may happen…if you aren’t able to help a couple like us – my husband is a Honorably Discharged Vietnam Veteran and a Minister then why to try to change this world? 


You don’t even care to see this verse applied:  "What God hath joined together, let NO man put asunder".  (Mk 10:9) 


I know you won’t believe me but I’ll tell you anyway:  Immigration U.S. let me a choice ON PAPERS between providing a police certificate or a RMCP certificate.  Since the police certificate was quicker, then I provided the police certificate saying I have ABSOLUTLY NO CRIMINAL RECORDS IN CANADA SINCE BIRTH FROM THE CENTRAL COMPUTER DATABASE but now they are asking me the Royal Mounted Canadian Police certificate BEFORE I’LL SEE MY HUSBAND AGAIN – different version from the papers, don’t you think so?  Do you know how much time it take to get the same confirmation than the police from their central system?  Just another six (6) other months to wait to begin my life with my husband – I made sure by asking them three times.


If you won’t hear me this time, I won’t pay attention to what you said below either. 


An Ambassador of Christ,




____________ _________ ______



OPINION RELEASE: Karl Schwarz: Resigning from the 2008 Race


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